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* Sometimes I forget that "all the NHL's Russians hang out all the time" isn't just a joke and is actually a legit thing? And then sometimes I'm looking for old articles to work out a timeline for something and run across Dadonov's plans for Raleigh being "hang out with Ovechkin." Oh, Dads. I hope Ovie treated him right.

* Marshy is posting tons of pictures of Minny and Kovi lately and my god, puppies. Post hair cut. Riding shotgun. With a shoe. Waking up early and making me want to DIE of cute. If you're only following one member of the Rampage other than Keith Seabrook and Markstrom, he's the one to be following, because puppies.

* In honor of the Memorial Cup, Jonathan Racine riding Jonathan Huberdeau like a bull. Baby Panthers! Especially Huberdeau! He kept his elbows to himself last night and actually scored a goal and led his team to victory. How interesting that that's how it works!

* "That was Coyote hockey. When you have nothing to lose, you just throw it all out there and see what happens." Ray Whitney! <3 I have no hope, but it was nice to see they'd actually won one when I woke up yesterday, since as I was falling asleep on Sunday night while watching the game, I apparently hallucinated a Kings goal. NOPE. :D NOTHING FOR YOU, AWFUL TEAM THAT LOVES MIKE RICHARDS.

* The race begins TOMORROW. How exciting. My mother gets here on Thursday! And then on Saturday, we have lunch with Sarah post-race and then go to London for a few days and I will finally be able to think of things that aren't the race. Like my dissertation. Sigh.
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Ellerby continues to be on the Weiss for Captain bandwagon and is trolling Guds on twitter and making sure the rookie stays in his place. Which, unlike Ellerby, is not in the pressbox, oops. Whatever, he's still my favorite. Also my favorites and one day to meet in my presence so I can record that shit are Mike "Ellerby has more skill than anyone else on this team" Santos and Shane "obviously I'd most like Nicklas Lidstrom and Keaton Ellerby to help me kill a 5-on-3" Doan.

A and I took her Canadians around the pubs tonight. One of them talked to me about how awesome Miami is and about how sad the Leafs make him. And I contained my glee over TORONTO HAS THE LONGEST PLAYOFF DROUGHT IN THE NHL but only barely. The best was when we got to the pub that the G&S society's patron owns and A introduced the lot of us as Canadians. Here is what happened:

Publican: What part of Canada are you from?
Dude: Toronto.
Publican: Ah, yes, the Leafs. And you?
Angela: Florida. :|
Publican: Leafs? Panthers?
Angela: Panthers. :|

Whatever, I'm going to finish (finally) watching the Iron Man movies and then go the fuck to sleep and refuse to think about how I have two 6 am outings this week. Our captain did tell me I need to stop worrying about being as long as possible if that means fucking up my hips and to remember that our coach doesn't know he is actually killing my hips by telling me to extend as far as I "just can." That was good. Pepper Potts now.
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I'm -- doing better. I'm getting work done and if I can do 500/weekday consistently instead of 500/day every few days, I should have a draft of this chapter by the end of next week, which will put me precisely on pace to get a draft finished by eighth week. Also I've spent the last couple of weeks very slowly writing the most embarrassing Hallsy/Ebs fic in the world -- it's basically a love letter to South Florida, based off of Hallsy tweeting about going to the beach in Tampa, and my homesickness is visible from space in it.

The IIHF's Power Rankings are out and I want to marry them. Reproduced under the cut, because I think they'll update the page in the future and some of these are so great I want to keep them forever. )This article on Evan Kaufmann is amazing. I have a lot of feelings on it, but I am done with exploding feelings for a while. It's about one of the few Jewish athletes representing Germany on the international level, the grandson of a Holocaust survivor who moved to Germany to play pro-hockey and see where his grandfather came from. For me, the most interesting part is when he talks about his family's relationship with Germany and I think the issue of American-Jewish aversion to Germany is handled quite gracefully. I'm basically bandwagoning the shit out of Germany during the group stage. Because of Kaufmann, but also because...

CAPTAIN GOC! Marcel Goc, perhaps better known to South Floridians as Dracula or #OMGoc, on playing with his little brother (you guys KNOW how I feel about families by now, I ASSUME), written by my favorite of the Panthers reporters -- who also wrote this, with Ellerby talking about the Coyotes. She also has a fabulous feature on Weaver on the site with the Ellerby piece and a really good "since the last time the Panthers were in the playoffs" piece.
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woke up. pretended i hadn't. grabbed for my phone, which was where i keep it at jessica's, not where i keep it at home and so i was confused by my life. checked the score. swore. cried. blamed kulikov for everything, as you do. found out flash had a broken hand. screamed as quietly as possible. remembered garrison may not be back next season. bawled. was not comforted by the potential for ellerby to finally fucking take that slot that was supposed to be his this year. it's going to be strachan's and robak's going to be in the box and ellerby's going to be in winnipeg or some other shithole. stopped caring.

finished this post. which isn't really very in depth, but it was supposed to be just a slice of canon for people who might not, you know, have any desire to go through 800 of Andrew Shaw's tweets and collect his flirting with some random Panthers prospect no one cares about anymore now that we have Trocheck, so whatever. Checked the NFL draft and was delighted to see we took Don Shula's advice and drafted Tannehill. Reacquired my ability to remember to capitalize somewhere in there, but did not acquire a desire to go back and put capital letters in. You'll all live. Have some boys flirting with each other.

Garrett Wilson, or, Andrew Shaw's First Love: a tale of two twitters )
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Handed in my essays two minutes late but it was fine! My period struck while we were at the first pub and then the cramps from hell struck at the second one. It was a great day, though, because I had cider and good company and then I curled up in bed. The only bad part was some horrible woman waking me up at one in the morning, Jessica. It's cool, I'm going to cuddle her to death tomorrow. SNUGGLES FOREVER.

I don't think I'd really processed how stressed I've been until I sat down at the pub yesterday with my cohort and relaxed. I was aware that I was absolutely out of my mind, so seriously, I apologize for how unhinged I've been. I'm working on a return to sanity and it's really quite nice. I did have a bit of a, um, moment on twitter today while listening to Marek vs. Wyshynski, but if you are capable of hearing someone float the idea of Dale trading for Kane and then them saying, "And you have Patrick Kane shepherding Jonathan Huberdeau along as he enters the league" without going insane on some level, you have more mental fortitude than I do.

Slowly putting together that post about Andrew Shaw and Garrett Wilson. There are distracting things in Panthers land, like playoff series that are both a game away from being won by my teams and Trocheck, my favorite prospect after Markstrom and Huberdeau, signing his ELC! I don't know that he'll actually make the team, but whatever, he's my favorite. If you can look at his smile and not be charmed, you're not human. (He's in Chicago right now, ftr. A healthy scratch, because he JUST got to the Rampage and we're not going to talk about how I squeaked just seeing his name on the scratches list. We're going to go for a picspam instead, which will be slightly less embarrassing.)

Trocheck! And a couple with Brandon Saad, because Pittsburgh bros playing for Saginaw. )

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1. Hahahahahahahahahahaha ohgod. Rick Scott declared we need a west coast counterpart to Florida Institute of Technology and so now we're creating Florida Polytechnic, but he's still making sure the education budget gets slashed by 30% and oh yeah, UF is increasing football and cutting the computer science program. I HATE EVERYTHING ABOUT FLORIDA, WHY DO I LOVE IT? Oh right because I believe that my vote may one day make a difference and something something hope for the best, cope with the worst.

2. I have been amazingly productive in the five hours I've been awake since my midnight nap. I'm not sure it's going to be enough, but I did just finish my methods essay and I didn't think it was actually going to get FINISHED, I thought I was just going to have to leave in the really bad bits of my "I wrote this while having an anxiety attack" draft to make word count. I am therefore taking a well-deserved break to update this shit.

crazy sleep deprived Panthers/Canucks/baby Panthers/baby Canucks nonsense )

6. We're apparently meeting at a pub as soon as everyone hands in their essays at noon. I love British pub culture, but when I say "we," I mean "the rest of the medievalists." I am crawling into bed with my Kindle Fire, popping over to AO3 and reading the shit out of the lady NHLers fic that people have been posting but I CAN'T READ YET, BECAUSE I NEED TO WORK, and then going to sleep. And then dinner in hall with A because she's very worried that I'm going to starve to death because I've been working through meals. FOOD AND SLEEP ARE FOR THE WEAK.

7. Sanity returns tomorrow. I am sure you're all looking forward to it. Sanity will then depart at midnight local time because game six, but you should be able to get a whole sixteen hours of me being rational and possibly a post about Garrett Wilson and how in love he and Andrew Shaw are, because now that you people are actually aware of and in love with Shaw, you need to know about his first love. Who was everyone's favorite prospect, but now I think most people are more excited about even Trocheck, which, I was the loneliest Trocheck fan for like six months until Wilson started to SUCK and people began realizing how perfect Troch is (other than the whole growing up a Pens fan, but they can't all be Logan Shaw!) ...okay, maybe sanity won't return. WHATEVER. You wouldn't know what to do if I wasn't posting disjointed rambles about the obsession of the week. You'd be worried someone was wearing me as a skinsuit.
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There's nothing I need to say about the video under this cut except holy shit, Kris Versteeg, way to set Uppy up to make Brodeur look STUPID AND OLD. )

sorry you suck, brodeur. :D This was the moment when I knew I could go to sleep, but also there was no way I wasn't staying up even though it meant only five hours of sleep. WHATEVER, I WILL SURVIVE AND MY ESSAYS WILL GET HANDED IN AND TOMORROW I WILL SLEEP FOREVER AND EVER AND IT WILL BE GREAT. And then I'm going to London on Wednesday morning to see my Jessica. :D

all school all playoffs all the time.

(Speaking of the playoffs! Keith Seabrook played for San Antonio against Chicago last night! And he did the only things he's good for, which are setting up a goal for on the powerplay and being on the ice for a goal against. Stay yourself, Brooksie. Stay yourself. Whatever, he's competent as a replacement for Strachan. It's fine.)

ALSO SPEAKING OF THE RAMPAGE AND STRACHAN. Your team may be great, but does their number one defenseman RESCUE PUPPIES FROM UNDER ABANDONED BUILDINGS AND FOSTER THEM/BLACKMAIL OTHER DUDES ON HIS TEAM INTO FOSTERING THEM? I didn't think so. I love our babies. At some point I might go through and find all the pictures they've tweeted of these puppies because they are so cute and it makes me so happy that Strachan is so super into pet adoption/rescue. :D

off to finish these essays so I can edit them oh god oh god going to die/fail miserably.
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1. If Best Bro had gotten rid of New Jersey like I told her to YEARS ago, the Panthers would not have lost so miserably last night. It is all her fault. It is also her fault Ellerby got hurt.

2. ELLERBY GOT TO PLAY IN THE PLAYOFFS. He ended up getting hurt worse than the guy he was in for is -- Garrison's got a chance to play Saturday, Ellerby does not.

3. Ellerby played top four minutes relative to the other D until he was hurt, as he usually does when in the lineup. Everyone still shits on him and says he's barely a bottom pairing guy. Okay, whatever, CLEARLY the coach disagrees with you. But the coach can't make up his mind on if the kid's top four or spare parts, so whatever. (I'm pretty sure the Jovo-Guds pairing has been declared untouchable which is why they keep getting played instead of a Jovo-Ells or Ells-Guds pairing. Also, you can't bench Jovo.)

4. Garrison and Ellerby being injured means Strachan -> Florida, means Seabrook out of the pressbox and onto the ice against Chicago for the Rampage! Hopefully this means he gets in some playoff hockey in Chicago next week and big bro gets to see it. My thing for families let me show you it. (It occurred to me that theoretically, Ellerby could end up anywhere once we do right by him and send him away which means THEORETICALLY Montreal or Phoenix with his cousins and the thought made me die a lot.)

5. Half of my work for my degree is due on Monday. Right now, both of my essays are of failing quality. THIS COULD END HORRIBLY. It'll be fine. I'm going to finish editing my methods section of one and putting in my information into a section of another and edit the shit out of the introductions tonight and then tomorrow is THEORY and fixing all of my citations and the chapters of my option paper and then Sunday is fixing EVERYTHING ELSE and Monday is hand in day oh god oh god oh god. On the bright side, I should be way more sane come Monday evening. HOORAY!
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TO HELL WITH THE DEVILS!!! Twice in five months, they've given up 3-0 first period leads (they've had three) that ended in 4-3 regulation victories for the Panthers. OH NEW JERSEY WRENCHES I'M SO SORRY YOU SUCK SO BAD. Oh, wait. No, I'm not!

P.S. Let's all get together tonight for s'mores, tequila, and roasting effigies of Raffi Torres over the campfire while we watch the Flyers destroy the Penguins, yes? BURN IN HELL WITH THE DEVILS, DISGUSTING GINGER. (I still love Shane Doan and wish him everything wonderful in the world, but I will now have to hurl things if the Coyotes win this series. Sorry, bud.)
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"Instead of chirping about it, he went out and did something about it." THAT'S MY WEISSER. What he did, by the way, was score the fastest playoff goal in like twenty years, set a franchise record for fastest goal in the playoffs, become the only Panther ever to score two powerplay goals in a single playoff game, and, oh yeah, lead his team to victory over some shitty New Jersey Devils while embarrassing Fatty Brodeur and all the "Jersey in three!!!" people, which includes you, Paul Maurice. Love hiiiiiim. And you know who else also loves him? Ellerby.


The best fact of last night: the last time the Panthers won a playoff game, the Marlins still hadn't gone to the playoffs. Since then, the Marlins have earned two wild card berths and turned those both into World Series wins. (FUCK THE YANKEES!!!) I'm pretty sure the Marlins are still the only team to never lose a series in the postseason. LOVE THEM.


Yeah, no. No content other than the playoffs. SORRY KIDS, IT'S THAT TIME OF YEAR. Rowing post will come later this week, though, as it's TRAINING CAMP TIME. (I got out of actually partaking in training camp because of sickness and massive amounts of work due next week, but there are already funny stories coming out of it. Funny stories that will be in the rowing AU for sure.)
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Don't mind me, I'm just going to go watch videos of Andrew Ladd getting punched in the face for the next while. Truly, nothing else, not even Stephen Weiss texting Stamkos, "I love you," can make up for last night right now.

I'm going back to England tomorrow. (Ahahaha, my plane will leave in roughly the middle of the third period of the Cats-Caps game, THAT'S GOING TO SUCK.) I'm excited, because I really get zero work done when I'm in America, even when I plan on doing it. There are just so many shiny things and people that I miss desperately and all I want to do is run around and eat and do things. I'm also excited because I miss Sarah and Jessica and R and the trio of A's. Also being on an actual river for some of my training instead of exclusively on the busted ass erg in my old uni's gym where I, uh, almost ripped the foot plate off last time I was on it. Basically, superior in every way as America is, there's a lot I will miss about England come September.

ALSO. Tonight was opening night at Marlins Park and my grandparents sent me and my mom )

Last thing before I go the fuck to sleep: I'm not going to tell him to cut it, but WASH YOUR FUCKING HAIR, VERBEAUTY.
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I am so angry about this prompt on queer_fest that I am updating just to be enraged, internet.cut for me being angry about gender and a rape-related prompt of grossness )

Anyway. Enough of that. We went to the Panthers-Oilers game for Best Bro's birthday. Tickets were all of $8, which is not the cheapest we've managed, but was still pretty great. She got mad at me for how fond I was of Ebs and RNH, but whatever. Whatever! The baby Oilers are adorable! Also they aired Soupy's YCP vid, it was pretty great. And there was a moment. Oh my god. There was a moment. Where Ebs shot in overtime and Kulikov dropped down to block it almost exactly like he did at the 2009 WJC right before the golden goal and I clutched Best Bro's arm hard enough that I, uh, left a bruise. And then there was the SHOOTOUT, which Madden didn't start even though he was skating around right before it happened and I was afraid, and it was peopleIdon'tcareabout-Ebs-Kuli-someone-Weiss-fuckyouNuge. And I almost fell out of my chair screaming at Kulikov to WIN THIS ONE FOR MOTHER RUSSIA! And then Nuge won it, FUCK YOU NUGE. :(

Also I went to the Minute Clinic for some nice drugs. I find the Minute Clinic about a billion times nicer than the doctor's office, where I am inevitably called a fat cow, and this was no exception. The nice nurse practitioner winced when I told her that my menstrual period was currently occurring and said, "That's proof God is not a woman." She also gave me a really strong cough suppressant (my cough is so bad it makes me puke, or sometimes cough blood, or sometimes see stars) and antibiotics and told me to stop running around for a few days and rest. We'll see how that works out.
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Last night I watched a little bit of the Panthers-Sabres game before getting cranky at them and turning it off. Before that, though, there was this beautiful Kris Versteeg-Christian Ehrhoff fight. I could watch Versteeg's golden locks of power flow behind him as he skates away from Ehrhoff forever. (Also, here is the time Matthias beat up Carter Ashton in defense of Ellerby's honor. I have no idea if it's in there, but Weiss was falling over the boards with how happy he was after that fight. It was darling! But after the Versteeg fight, I have never seen Weiss look so hungdog depressed except in the video after they lost like twelve straight last year.)

Anyway, Kulikov won the game against the Sabres even though he also almost lost it for the team, WAY TO BE, KULIKOV. capslock crazy person ranting )

Probably the last thing I will say about the Panthers in this entry: I showed Rosie Matthias's twitter picture, which is the one of him with his arms around Weiss and Weiss grinning like an idiot and she accused me of lying about it being his twitter picture. NOPE. Matthias is that in love with Stephen Weiss. And who wouldn't be? My mom extended my trip home because my grandparents were cranky about not seeing me enough (because I got sick the day before I left, I only saw them twice last week and my school schedule shifted since I made the plans to be in America and so I can), sooooo I made sure she extended it past April 3 and that means I get to go to WEISSER DAY!!! It's his 29th birthday and the 10th anniversary of his Panthers/NHL debut and the odds that we'll sing happy birthday to him are REALLY HIGH.

Today was an excellent day. I woke up on Dili's couch and coughed up a lung which turned my throat from surprisingly fine into horribly raw and destroyed my voice. And then we went to the sports bar to watch Liverpool and even though I clapped heartily for Stoke, I was secretly glad for Liverpool to win because it means that as long as Everton can figure out how to crush Sunderland on the 27th, one more Merseyside Derby except at Wembley in mid-April! How awesome!

And then Dili and Rosie dropped me off on Belmont and I ended up taking a nice long walk because it was nice out and I had plenty of time to meet up with [ profile] just_katarin and [ profile] impertinence and other people whose usernames I'm not actually sure of oops for cupcakes! I was worried that my noise of sheer gurgly glee at the reminder that the Panthers have been ahead of the Capitals in the division for the vast majority of the season (I think it's up to 120 days or so? WHATEVER, A BILLION DAYS OF GLORY!) might horrify them to no end, but it didn't at all and that was good. Also, om nom nom cupcakes!

Now I am once again rolling around on the air mattress at Steph's and contemplating VPNing to my English IP address so I can watch the Blackhawks-Capitals game on my laptop via GCL instead of having to get up and go into the other room. Maybe I will see if Steph wants to watch it. STEPHANIE, ARE YOU REFRESHING THE INTERNET? DO YOU WANT TO WATCH THE BLACKHAWKS GAME? I WORE MY LUCKY SNEAKERS TODAY JUST FOR THIS GAME! you even get NBCSN, since I think it's not on local TV tonight? Whatever. Talk to me! I'm actually done listening to this podcast for now because I don't have enough energy to pay the attention to &DMITRY CHESNOKOV;, purveyor of KHL playboys, that he deserves, I just am too lazy to take my headphones out.
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I am rolling around on the air mattress at Steph's apartment pretending to be doing work while actually fucking around on the internet trying to find a juniors equivalent to this so I don't have to make one myself. Look, it is very important that there be a ready made resource for this shit so I don't end up spending more hours navigating the hell holes that are the various CHL websites. Seriously, Michigan State's 2002 archive is better organized than those things.

I reached the point in being sick yesterday where I wrote several hundred words about how it was totally plausible for Ellerby and PK to have hooked up at WJC camp (TOTALLY plausible; Ellerby's juniors bestie played his junior hockey in Bellville! three seasons with PK!) and also how great it would be if someone (and by someone I mean me, I guess, because I'm the only one that crazy) wrote fic where Ellerby and Versteeg boned during Versteeg's fourteen games in Kamloops. Luckily, I passed out before I subjected you all to that. The condensed version is horrible enough.

I'm at 1000 words on my option paper. It needs to be at 4000 tonight. ...this could be a fun few hours. I grabbed my notebook so I can start flipping through my notes and building things up. That's progress, right?

Anyway, I am in Chicago, I am alive, I am going to see a Dili and a Rosie tomorrow! Also, all is right with the world, because unlike last time I was here, I have seen way, way more Chicago sports paraphernalia than Miami Dolphins paraphernalia. it weird that I track that? I'm just intrigued by who wears what where. LIKE THE SLOVAKS. OH MAN. I FOUND SLOVAKS AT THE GAME LAST NIGHT AND LOST MY MIND. There was a crowd of them in Team Slovakia Chara jerseys and then all of a sudden it turned out two of them actually had Kopecky jerseys on. AMAZING. Also we got upgraded to the IKEA couch in the club level (it is one of the promotion things; basically, our fan patrol group loves me because that's the second time this season they've nabbed me for a thing). IT WAS A PRETTY SWEET NIGHT. I got lots of snuggles from Best Bro while I was being sick and a crazy person about hockey in the state of Florida and the Bruins getting outscored 12-3 on this swing and then John Madden scored his first goal as a Panther (also his first point!) and I fell off of the couch. The end.

Oh, and sentencing for my mom's friend happened. Four years (with time served), fifteen years probation. Mom admitted he should be in prison, so that's progress. I still feel sick about it all.
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THE FLIGHT HOME WAS GREAT. I watched the Lion King, some Big Bang Theory, KINKY BOOTS AT LONG LAST, and the Devil Wears Prada. I was going to do things like write while I watched things, but I ended up playing Angry Birds the entire flight instead. And then Greg Dobbs was clearing customs at the same time as me, which I discovered because I spotted his stack of Florida Marlins luggage emblazoned with his number. Get some new gear, Miami boy.

My abuelas are making arroz con pollo for me tonight. ALL FOR ME. Well, for everyone else who is going over for H's birthday, but mostly they are making it because I have missed it a lot and they love me. OM NOM NOM.

I don't know what to do with the Panthers right now. The team that lost 5-0 to the Flyers should not then lose 2-1 in a shootout to the Penguins the next night, especially not with how shit our second night of back-to-backs have been this season. It's weird. But we're very likely to win the division, no matter what Wyshynski says, because no one else wants it and then PLAYOFFS IN FLORIDA IN A SPORT I CARE ABOUT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN WAY TOO LONG. \o/

Anyway, I need to go try and do some work on my essay so that I can pretend I am doing work this break, but this morning when I was up way too early I ended up curious about political contributions from athletes and ran this set of stuff, specifically for hockey players because the first football player I found the information on, from a different site, made me cry.

Thank god for, seriously. )
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GREATEST NEWS: the sentencing has been postponed until the day after it was supposed to be, which means that even though I got this kind of emotionally/religiously manipulative e-mail from that dude's wife, I don't have to go to his sentencing and be emotionally fucked up and physically ill or risk feeling like a massive douche. And the sentence should be handed down by the time I land in Chicago, so I won't be jittering around about it, just still confused -- though, mostly, I've settled on, "Nah, he's pretty much scum, whatever everyone is saying about 'repentance,' because he's said that before, and yes, as much as I object to the prison system, that's where he belongs."

I'm at the halfway point of my degree. \o/ It's pretty weird -- in six months, I'll have a master's and hopefully a big girl job, which is terrifying. I'll be done with academia for the foreseeable future, though there's still the possibility of going back to do enough school for degrees in educational psychology and curriculum development if I end up needing them to smack people around.

I need to sleep, because tomorrow is going to be a loooooong day -- I've got to finish my data collection, work on outlining my option paper, I have an evening outing, and I need to do laundry. BUT FIRST. God, it must've been weeks ago, I mentioned to [ profile] just_katarin how apparently a bunch of dudes were hitting Sunrise for the Habs game to hang out with Ellerby and Carey and her response was to demand fic where Ellerby makes fun of Carey for how into PK he is. I sketched something out, but I've come to accept that it isn't going past 500 words of something I wouldn't actually call proper fic about them chilling somewhere after the NYE game, so here that is so that it gets out of my googledocs. :|

Cousins being dicks to each other is kind of my lifeblood, even if it is weird writing cousins who aren't boning. Oh, Tolkien fandom. )
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Shit I am losing my mind over: Booth's Joe Louis debut! He's never played there and his favorite memory took place there and it's Booth, so I'm basically always losing my mind. And also, the one and only Stephen Weiss set the franchise's record for games played tonight and this has a bunch of great quotes from Dineen and Matthias. Matthias wanting to be Weiss is SO GREAT. I can't even. And there is this article from when Weiss made his debut. Also, like six Rampage guys (including Keith Seabrook) got Twitter in the past couple of days and they are all so amazing and creepers about each other.

My meeting with my supervisor today was amazing. We hammered out the chapters for my dissertation and I'm going to do the huge evidence collection in the next couple of weeks and then I can get on the fun business of my lit review and my close reading section. He laughed at me when I told him it was way easier to procrastinate when I was a lit major. Look, I got to write twenty pages off of three sources back then. I need three sources a PARAGRAPH these days. Wretched.

I am bootstrapping myself the fuck out of my anxiety. It's been ... weird. My anxiety is very much just "NO, I CAN'T" in a kind of white noise way and no one seems to understand that it's not actually motivated by specific fears. It's just this overwhelming feeling of imperfection. And so I tell myself I'm a worthless human being and then I go and get on with doing shit. It is not the healthiest thing, but neither is listening to a playlist that consists of nothing but Surgery, Just Fishin', Friend of the Devil, Blackbird, and Amazing Grace, and I'm doing that ... too much. (Surgery reminds me of my uncle like nothing else, Just Fishin' is a horrible song but kills me every time, Friend of the Devil was my dad's song, and then Blackbird and Amazing Grace are what we played at the funerals. So. Yeah.)

Homework now. ♥ (And then possibly more writing on a thing where Ells and Carey hang out and make fun of each other? Idk. It's a thing that's happening in my googledocs right now.)
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The Caps were noticably loosey-goosey during their optional morning skate that was sans petulant Russian star Alexander Ovechkin (who I saw chatting with friends in the parking lot). Perhaps, Ovi didn't want to mix it up with Dennis Wideman after yesterday's slashing incident.

Other people that are the worst: OVIE AND VOKOUN. Seriously, I don't understand the southeast right now at ALL. But there is a video of Soupy petting Weaver and then snuggling him and making him answer a fan question about hating the Habs games and that makes things a little better.

Speaking of Soupy: now that Garrison and Kulikov are both out and Dineen hates the AHLers (no matter what he says about Strachan proving he's an NHL player, lol no; that one way extension was the stupidest thing ever and he's getting half as much time as Ellerby, who I'm pretty sure Dineen legitimately hates), Soupy's average TOI/G has jumped from fifth in the league to tied for second with Duncs. I am torn between laughing at Chicago for complaining about all the minutes Duncs has to pull because Q hates everyone else (or at least that's what I've gathered; I follow the Blackhawks the same way I follow the Bulls, with a lot of affection and not intensely) and slamming my head into the wall because we can't keep playing him half an hour a night.

Blah blah blah hockey, basically. Sarah and Jessica will be here in a few hours, so I'm off to do some writing since I need to hand things in today. And then I can snuggle with them for aaaaaages and it will be lovely. It's only taken them until the end of fifth week to visit me. WRETCHED WOMEN.
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Internet, Markstrom is healthy and he and Backstrom are tweeting at each other. I can die happy now. &Swedes; Other than that, I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT MY TEAM because I'm going to be a crazy person if I do. I think I might actually surpass Shane Doan levels of crazy right now. Oh, Doan. Way to be my metric of sanity. ♥


I had an excellent meeting with my supervisor yesterday! He made a really weird metaphor about water-skiing and told me I didn't need to keep my head above water. A's response? "As a lifeguard, I strongly disagree with that."

Speaking of A, uh. We've been called an old married couple about three times so far this week. Just because we have a system for opening the doors at dinner and eat at least half our meals together and bicker about the weather. >:( Whatever, whatever. We're great. I'm really glad I made good friends here, especially the pair of them I have in my building. What lovely girls!

Jessica and Sarah are coming to visit this weekend. I expect all of the snuggles, probably them yelling at me, and probably ice cream. The trouble with living across the street from one of the best ice cream places ever is ... I live right across the street from one of the best ice cream places ever.

I think it is bedtime. OH WAIT, NO. FIRST. Everyone who's watching needs to come talk to me about Once Upon A Time. Especially the most recent episode. HOLY. FUCKING. SHITMONKEYS. <-- pretty much everything I was capable of saying to Sarah after I watched it the other day. HOLY SHITMONKEYS. (Also I'm at the point where I don't like David/Mary Margaret. My adultery squick, let me show you it!)
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So last night I had a panic attack because I realized my already scheduled stuff conflicts with going and being a show pony for my grandparents at a fancy event while I'm home. And then my grandpa had to calm me down. It was very nice of him. They were more upset that the people had scheduled it with such short notice than that I wasn't going to be able to be there. ♥ This did mean that I didn't sleep well and may have woken up screaming at about four in the morning, so here's hoping I wasn't as loud as I thought I was because I don't want to have that conversation with the people next door.

Now that I think about it, though, I think I may have woken up screaming after having a dream where I debated educational justice with hockey players. That's probably the only reaction anyone should've had.

I need to go frantically do work, but first, here are some things that are making me happy right now. Because, whatever, there's some holiday shit going down.

Loads of medievalhistorianryangosling, two things of the AREDHEL OF MY HEART, assorted valentine's shit from tumblr, fuzzy animals, and also David Booth with a puppy! )


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