May. 4th, 2012

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I'm -- doing better. I'm getting work done and if I can do 500/weekday consistently instead of 500/day every few days, I should have a draft of this chapter by the end of next week, which will put me precisely on pace to get a draft finished by eighth week. Also I've spent the last couple of weeks very slowly writing the most embarrassing Hallsy/Ebs fic in the world -- it's basically a love letter to South Florida, based off of Hallsy tweeting about going to the beach in Tampa, and my homesickness is visible from space in it.

The IIHF's Power Rankings are out and I want to marry them. Reproduced under the cut, because I think they'll update the page in the future and some of these are so great I want to keep them forever. )This article on Evan Kaufmann is amazing. I have a lot of feelings on it, but I am done with exploding feelings for a while. It's about one of the few Jewish athletes representing Germany on the international level, the grandson of a Holocaust survivor who moved to Germany to play pro-hockey and see where his grandfather came from. For me, the most interesting part is when he talks about his family's relationship with Germany and I think the issue of American-Jewish aversion to Germany is handled quite gracefully. I'm basically bandwagoning the shit out of Germany during the group stage. Because of Kaufmann, but also because...

CAPTAIN GOC! Marcel Goc, perhaps better known to South Floridians as Dracula or #OMGoc, on playing with his little brother (you guys KNOW how I feel about families by now, I ASSUME), written by my favorite of the Panthers reporters -- who also wrote this, with Ellerby talking about the Coyotes. She also has a fabulous feature on Weaver on the site with the Ellerby piece and a really good "since the last time the Panthers were in the playoffs" piece.


candesco: Bow, two, and three of a boat and some flowers. (Default)

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