Apr. 22nd, 2012

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There's nothing I need to say about the video under this cut except holy shit, Kris Versteeg, way to set Uppy up to make Brodeur look STUPID AND OLD. )

sorry you suck, brodeur. :D This was the moment when I knew I could go to sleep, but also there was no way I wasn't staying up even though it meant only five hours of sleep. WHATEVER, I WILL SURVIVE AND MY ESSAYS WILL GET HANDED IN AND TOMORROW I WILL SLEEP FOREVER AND EVER AND IT WILL BE GREAT. And then I'm going to London on Wednesday morning to see my Jessica. :D

all school all playoffs all the time.

(Speaking of the playoffs! Keith Seabrook played for San Antonio against Chicago last night! And he did the only things he's good for, which are setting up a goal for on the powerplay and being on the ice for a goal against. Stay yourself, Brooksie. Stay yourself. Whatever, he's competent as a replacement for Strachan. It's fine.)

ALSO SPEAKING OF THE RAMPAGE AND STRACHAN. Your team may be great, but does their number one defenseman RESCUE PUPPIES FROM UNDER ABANDONED BUILDINGS AND FOSTER THEM/BLACKMAIL OTHER DUDES ON HIS TEAM INTO FOSTERING THEM? I didn't think so. I love our babies. At some point I might go through and find all the pictures they've tweeted of these puppies because they are so cute and it makes me so happy that Strachan is so super into pet adoption/rescue. :D

off to finish these essays so I can edit them oh god oh god going to die/fail miserably.


candesco: Bow, two, and three of a boat and some flowers. (Default)

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