Apr. 20th, 2012

candesco: keaton ellerby and jason garrison! :D (ellerby!)
1. If Best Bro had gotten rid of New Jersey like I told her to YEARS ago, the Panthers would not have lost so miserably last night. It is all her fault. It is also her fault Ellerby got hurt.

2. ELLERBY GOT TO PLAY IN THE PLAYOFFS. He ended up getting hurt worse than the guy he was in for is -- Garrison's got a chance to play Saturday, Ellerby does not.

3. Ellerby played top four minutes relative to the other D until he was hurt, as he usually does when in the lineup. Everyone still shits on him and says he's barely a bottom pairing guy. Okay, whatever, CLEARLY the coach disagrees with you. But the coach can't make up his mind on if the kid's top four or spare parts, so whatever. (I'm pretty sure the Jovo-Guds pairing has been declared untouchable which is why they keep getting played instead of a Jovo-Ells or Ells-Guds pairing. Also, you can't bench Jovo.)

4. Garrison and Ellerby being injured means Strachan -> Florida, means Seabrook out of the pressbox and onto the ice against Chicago for the Rampage! Hopefully this means he gets in some playoff hockey in Chicago next week and big bro gets to see it. My thing for families let me show you it. (It occurred to me that theoretically, Ellerby could end up anywhere once we do right by him and send him away which means THEORETICALLY Montreal or Phoenix with his cousins and the thought made me die a lot.)

5. Half of my work for my degree is due on Monday. Right now, both of my essays are of failing quality. THIS COULD END HORRIBLY. It'll be fine. I'm going to finish editing my methods section of one and putting in my information into a section of another and edit the shit out of the introductions tonight and then tomorrow is THEORY and fixing all of my citations and the chapters of my option paper and then Sunday is fixing EVERYTHING ELSE and Monday is hand in day oh god oh god oh god. On the bright side, I should be way more sane come Monday evening. HOORAY!


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