May. 19th, 2012

candesco: keaton ellerby and jason garrison! :D (ellerby!)
Ellerby continues to be on the Weiss for Captain bandwagon and is trolling Guds on twitter and making sure the rookie stays in his place. Which, unlike Ellerby, is not in the pressbox, oops. Whatever, he's still my favorite. Also my favorites and one day to meet in my presence so I can record that shit are Mike "Ellerby has more skill than anyone else on this team" Santos and Shane "obviously I'd most like Nicklas Lidstrom and Keaton Ellerby to help me kill a 5-on-3" Doan.

A and I took her Canadians around the pubs tonight. One of them talked to me about how awesome Miami is and about how sad the Leafs make him. And I contained my glee over TORONTO HAS THE LONGEST PLAYOFF DROUGHT IN THE NHL but only barely. The best was when we got to the pub that the G&S society's patron owns and A introduced the lot of us as Canadians. Here is what happened:

Publican: What part of Canada are you from?
Dude: Toronto.
Publican: Ah, yes, the Leafs. And you?
Angela: Florida. :|
Publican: Leafs? Panthers?
Angela: Panthers. :|

Whatever, I'm going to finish (finally) watching the Iron Man movies and then go the fuck to sleep and refuse to think about how I have two 6 am outings this week. Our captain did tell me I need to stop worrying about being as long as possible if that means fucking up my hips and to remember that our coach doesn't know he is actually killing my hips by telling me to extend as far as I "just can." That was good. Pepper Potts now.


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