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Exchange time, time to dust off the old DW, I guess:

Dear Author, Hockey Holidays 2016 )
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Dear Author,

Hi! So, first of all, I have a rule I make myself follow for exchange requests: I only request people/ships where I would be delighted with any fic about them I happened to receive, no matter what. As long as my dislikes (listed below) are respected, I'm pretty much good with anything. Have fun! Write the fic you want to see! Don't stress!

More details here! )
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...whoa, it's been almost two months! Hello, internet. In summary:

I got a job, then the family exploded all over the place with drama, then my hours got cut dramatically (I went from 3 days a week to 'whenever someone calls out'), then I ended up super depressed, and now I'm helping my sister pack and working to find a job somewhere else, but whatever happens, E and I are going to be living together or both have awesome jobs in geographically incompatible places come February and that's awesome.

For a change of subject, my sister has, for the past year or so, been obsessed with bra sizing and it's kind of darling. She's working towards opening up a store of her very own, and she's also been fitting me right now. I may have cried today. )

I need to go to bed now so that I can do a ton of work in the morning and make some money. (I'm writing up some curriculum for work because they feel bad about taking away all of my hours and I told them in that conversation that I'm interested in pursuing a career in curriculum development because it's fun.) I also need to finish clearing through my things so that I can hopefully pack all of my stuff into a car and go as soon as I find employment. (I'm only applying to jobs outside of Miami because as much as I needed to be home, I need to not be around the family drama at this point. Also because there's nothing that fits both my qualifications and my salary requirements in order to be able to make rent/eat food/have internet access.)
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So, uh, hi. I haven't updated since I submitted! Here are things that are happening:

1. Unemployment, oh my god. It's awesome on the one hand, because I'm spending tons of time with my sister and my niece and nephew, who will hopefully not be here much longer, but terrible on the other because I won't know anything about the job I want MOST until December at the earliest, so I'm currently lining up volunteer work while I wait and praying an awful lot.

2. Hockey hangs! Best Bro and I drove to see the infant Hurricanes/Lightning/Wild in Estero a week and a half ago and we're going all the way to Orlando to see them again this weekend. And then driving straight back home because Versteeg's dropping the puck for U hockey on Sunday! And a week from Friday, JOVOCOP DROPS THE PUCK WHERE HE PRACTICED WHEN HE WAS A ROOKIE. JOVOOOOOOO.

3. Graduating! In absentia, which sucks because it means no seeing Jess/Jessica/Sarah/Hannah/uni people, but my mom told me she'd put the money we'd have spent on going towards a new car for me instead (I may or may not be getting a Miata; it's going to be AWESOME if it does end up happening) and that's well worth it. I got perfectly respectable marks and I have a master's degree! In ... medieval history, so completely useful.

4. Vaguely writing? I meant not to start anything new until I've cleared some of what I need to work on out of the way, but then there was bed-sharing and that's a thing. I've sworn to myself that I will finish the goddamn Carey/PK before porn happens in bed-sharing, but I've also sworn to write bed-sharing alongside the OHL season until it reaches a logical conclusion, so there's that.

5. Went to the Dolphins game on Sunday. Bawled. Got a sunburn for only the fifth time ever. Bawled some more. Saw Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas have their names put on the Honor Roll in Joe Robbie. Really missed my dad, with whom I went to my last Dolphins game back when they retired Marino's number. My throat has only just recovered and my shoulders feel like they never will because of sunburn, but my sister is supposed to get me aloe tomorrow so that will help.
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Twenty years ago today, the storm that was supposed to be the worst storm in any of our lifetimes hit Florida. I don't remember Andrew actually hitting, but I grew up looking at pictures of the destruction and hearing stories about the way everyone came together and why we hate That Damn Weatherman (long story short: Andrew was partially as devastating as he was because he jogged at the last minute, right after a weatherman gestured in a way that indicated the path he would turn and take, he's basically the Bartman of Miami) and I remember how long it took to recover. But we did. Twenty years, Miami, and we're still standing. ♥

Speaking of Miami, I'm going home in two weeks now instead of in a month! Because I'm a mess and having pretty awful nightmares, egged on by some personal stuff and obviously dissertation stress and homesickness, and my grandfather's getting worse and I can't cope with that at all. I keep calling home partially in tears and yesterday I ended up sobbing outside the library because the entire world sucks sometimes. On the other hand, my dissertation status is actually a lot better than it was a week ago. I may have a couple of nights of no sleep over the next week, but it will get done and then I will go home. It's also that time of year where I can't stop thinking about my dad, which makes everything terrible for about a month. Okay, this is enough of that.

This video of Huberdeau, Landeskog, and Nuge pretty much sums up my opinions on the three of them. HUBERDEAU AND SOME GUYS I'VE NEVER HEARD OF. From your mouth to the hockey gods' ears, child. But no, mostly I would read the shit out of that OT3, because why do I care if Huberdeau Being Weird isn't involved? Apparently, at the Octagon hockey camp, the forwards were all fighting over who got to play with Huberdeau. Allan Walsh's twitter is kind of the best right now because he's as in love with Huberdeau as I'm hoping to get to be this season, FUCK LOCKOUTS.

I think that's all I have to say. I will have a life outside of my dissertation again in exactly a week. It's going to be great. I will be 1000% less crazy.
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The best thing about last night: when T tried to convince me that Canada's baby hockey players are better off than the ones who go to the States to go to university in terms of getting an education. I had to explain how Ebs can't spell banana. Amazing times; I'm going to miss these assholes. The best thing about this week, however, is Booth's pet pig.

Sir Francis Bacon Booth? Sir Francis Bacon Booth! )

Dammit, I had just decided I might not be as invested in him as I was ten months ago. And I clearly still am because I lost my mind when these pictures showed up. HIS TINY PIG AND HIS HAPPY FACE!

I am writing things and it is great! Not so great: one of those things is because Animals (yes, the Nickelback song about getting caught going down on a girl) is Kulikov's theme song (I love how he clearly knows exactly what he's saying) and so I've been listening to that way more than I should, which has somehow led to my really wanting the Cam Ward/EStaal fic where Eric tells Cam all these stories about his sex life and then they all turn out to just be things out of Nickelback songs and then Cam realizes it and is really judgey and then they bone. That isn't the most embarrassing sentence I've ever typed, but it's got to be close.

To completely change the subject, my dissertation is going okay. I met with my supervisor last thing on Friday and the draft to be proofread should be going to my sisters sometime next week, oh my god. This huge massive thing that has consumed most of the past year of my life is so close to done. I'm going to have so much separation anxiety over it, I know because I'm already thinking about PhD programs because I don't want to stop, but the last thing I want to do right now is continue. So, this'll be fun.

Okay, this needs to end on a happy note because "what the fuck am I doing with my life" is stressing me out too much. Here is my current favorite picture of Ellerby. Highlights include a dog that has been pasted on, his horrible floral swim trunks, and oh god, he does look a little like Shane Doan, I just don't usually see it because I'm too distracted by his seriously busted nose/atrocious facial hair/taste in baseball teams.
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I spent Friday night at Jessica's and it was so lovely. We did our usual of being dumb about elves and yelling about the internet and watching questionable movies (Wild Child: objectively terrible, but also the third best movie I've ever seen after Young Blood and Legally Blonde) and talking about Julia Quinn's foot fetish. I don't know how to explain how hard I ship Hugh/Daniel from A Night Like This. I was so upset every time they had a scene together that didn't end with Daniel realizing how deeply in love with him Hugh was! He went to Italy to bring him home!!!

also this picture the NHLPA posted from Russia. come talk to me about it because I haven't closed it since it was posted. I'm 90% sure this is because of Kulikov's thighs (I mean, I'm sure it's the thighs, but I'm only 90% sure it's him because I am WRETCHEDLY faceblind), because it's not like I've never been weirdly obsessed with things about him before, see also that time I spent three weeks trying to find a picture to prove that his hair sometimes moves. (Best Bro and I gasped the time during warmups when some of it seemed to move. It was genuinely startling!)

oh and today Jason Garrison is marching in Vancouver Pride and I don't CARE if he's doing it as a Canuck, he's still my favorite and probably always will be. LOOK AT HIM, OH MY GOD. ALSO THIS ONE, BUT WARNING FOR PATRICK BURKE. UGH, GARRISON, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO TO VANCOUVER? But apparently now that he's back in Vancouver full time, he's decided to take up with Keith Seabrook, so all of my thoughts are about them now. Also rowers.

One last round of rowing pictures from the Olympics! )
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This trip was amazing up until the point last night when I found out that Gaby Sanchez had been traded and then I just had to cry for a while and then be horribly lol defensive of Scott Cousins. But I'm not here to talk about that, I'm here to talk about all I will be talking about until they end: THE OLYMPICS!

As a note: seriously, if you think the BBC isn't jingoistic as fuck compared to NBC, let me point you to where the BBC announcers refer to Cristian Rosso and Ariel Suarez EXCLUSIVELY as "the young pretenders" and say heinous shit about them constantly, though less when they're only crushing NZ instead of threatening GB. Rosso and Suarez, btw, ROCKED NEW ZEALAND'S WORLD yesterday, winning their semifinal and going on to the final where they're going to row for gold. Also, they won that race with Rosso not quite keeping his blades at the right height, which means if he can improve that in the final, oh boy.

Manchester was amazing. I have rarely regretted the choice of the prestigious program over Manchester's better suited to me program, but oh my god, what a city. And even better was all the yelling about how Ebs is totally overrated in order to make [ profile] doctor_denmark cry and [ profile] jess_darkwater yelling "LET ME LOVE YOU, HOPE SOLO" at the match (which was AMAZING, but I don't have much to say about it other than the trolls with the South Korean flag behind the one goal were amazing and oh god, my crush on Abby Wambach, let me show you it). Soooooo many feelings happened and I wasn't operating at 100% because I'd walked ~3 miles through Manchester. (Which was great! I'm so in love with that city! I felt almost-but-not-quite at home, more at home than I've felt anywhere else in England.)

My stitches are out, thanks to a few too many glasses of wine while watching the Argentinian rowers and a pair of scissors. My hand no longer complains when I stretch while typing, which is AWESOME. I maaaay be writing Grindr fic as a result of this weekend, mostly because Jess got Hannah to promise other things if it gets written and I really want those other things. (We may only be able to hold her to a babysitter Jeff sequel, but I've got my fingers crossed for Bobby Ryan/Hope Solo.) Spoiler: it's Versteeg fic and when the Kings are in town, he makes plans and it turns out to be Richie and they do not bone because they have no chemistry. (He would go home and bone Weiss instead, because they have way better chemistry, but Weiss is in a chaste relationship with his couch and his dog and doesn't do things like have sex.)

Let's have more pictures of rowers! Here be dumb faces and bad lycra. )
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Amazing thing of joy: Exodus International changed their mind about conversion therapy. )

Speaking of people who are into other people of the same sex, I'm currently shipping &ERIN CAFARO; (she's bow for the USA women's eight, so I'm majorly biased in her favor automatically -- bow side, bow, American, rower, lady, yes please) and her (rowing) partner (technically ex? America tried Erin with someone else at Worlds to see if they could beat someone, but decided to bring them back in the big boat, where she's still behind Susan), Susan Francia. Mostly because of this quote: "There were some days when we came off the water and were frustrated with each other and we were actually wrestling in the Princeton boathouse." Everyone in fandom knows what wrestling leads to, okay.

More rowing babbling! )

Okay, pictures now.

Susan and Erin (including Susan's Body issue picture, so nudity) and then a couple pictures of male rowers I've enjoyed! )

Uh, in case it wasn't obvious, I'm working on rowing AU again. It could potentially be finished on the train up to Manchester tomorrow to see the USWNT, which would be nice. I need to shuffle things around, though, because I've realized Kopecky should really be the Blackhawk who catches an ejector crab and my current lineup has him not in their boat. Luckily, typing is almost painless now, so in between edits, that is what I will do! \o/
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Life sucks because I can't do anything without my right hand, whine whine whine WHINE. (I have half use of it, but it's actually slower for me to type with one and a half hands than one-handed. Sigh. I can type on my phone, at least, because that doesn't use the fingers I can't use normally anyway, but it's next to impossible to edit my dissertation on my phone and that's what I really need to be doing right now.)

All I want from the Olympics is to watch America do things and it's very difficult. :( The internet here is falling to pieces, so the BBC feeds are less than great, and therefore I can only watch their terrestrial coverage (which is apparently what we're calling it? idk, man, kids these days, get off my lawn, etc.), which has meant watching swimming trials this morning when there were women's eights doing things. At least they mixed in a little dressage coverage and I managed to get the stream to work for Dutton's test, though it did what it wanted, which was to hang in several places. Hopefully either it will work better tomorrow or there will be coverage of the cross-country in the MCR.

Yesterday, A and I spent the day watching things together. She threw her shoe at my head when I cheered for Denmark semi-randomly and then the Danish swimmer beat the Canadian one. And then we had milkshakes and then this morning, we tried to catch some rowing and couldn't and then she had to leave and I am LOST without her. LOST! Who will make me play Call Me Maybe on my cellphone during the men's floor routines now that she's gone? :(

I haven't found my bizarre fling sport for this year yet, but I have fallen madly in love with all the New Zealand rowers. I don't know what I'll do when I catch a race when they're against America, probably sob and feel guilty about something. And then cheer for America forever! \o/ What a country! (I also cheer for Israel and sometimes Italy and Not Canada.)
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I cut my finger on a broken glass in the sink two nights ago. (WASH YOUR FUCKING DISHES, ASSHOLES. AND DON'T PUT BROKEN SHIT IN THE SINK.) And oh man, as a particularly squeamish person, I didn't need to know that much about the anatomy of my finger. There's a reason I'm a historian and not a biologist. I now have two stitches in it and a hilarious story about my complete ineptness at life to go with "the time I destroyed my ankle going down the stairs" and "the time I got a concussion from turning left."

I had other stuff to talk about, but it's all kind of dumb and horrible and mostly amounts to how extremely bored I've been since I only have partial use of my right hand right now and thus can't do anything productive or interesting. I'm getting used to typing without that half of my right hand, but it's not fun and I'm cranky and Hanley's a Dodger, which is deeply upsetting to my sensibilities even as I want him the hell away from Miami because he should've been run out of town the second he insulted Jeff Conine. >:(

Ugh, and Twitter is down and I have a headache and this was definitely one of those days I shouldn't have bothered with. But my supervisor gave me really fantastic notes and now I know how to edit what I'm doing into a thing that will make sense, maybe, and then I shall be able to tell people I have a master's from a prestigious university that has nothing to do with what I'm going to actually do for the rest of my life. AWESOME.

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send help, SOMEONE made me think too much about Booth/Richards(/Carter). and now I can't stop thinking about Booth getting really frustrated and shoving Richie after game five because he's just played with the best linemates he's ever played with and he still didn't manage to score in the playoffs and scoring's what he does and three years ago, he would have and fuck Richie and fuck the Kings. And Richie's not into being shoved around, but he kind of understands that's what Booth needs out of him and he rolls with it. He pushes back, obviously, and they push each other around and then awkward boners and awkward boning (probably while Jeff Carter jerks off over Richie getting pushed around).

Possibly less horrible stuff: I've been having anxiety attacks on and off all day because I haven't heard back from my supervisor and I just want him to either say "no, it's too late to give you comments, sorry" (I ended up a couple of days late sending it to him) or "yes, here are the things you need to change, CRAZY, stop being a lunatic, you'll be fine." because oh man have I been crazy at him this year and oh man do I need to hear that I'll be fine.

This is an okay article about a really awesome student athlete at UVA. It is also hugely racist in places and has no idea about modern activism in sports, so prepare for some what the fuckery, but -- it does explain why in the next few years, I intend to be teaching at the high school I would've gone to had my grandparents not intervened in my family's life.
In a world where people are starving while others are making millions of dollars a year, it's about the will to change it. It's about people who don't care. At the core of all great injustice is greed. It's not an American problem. It's a human problem. If my mother hadn't gotten housing vouchers after my father left and moved us in to a neighborhood with a high school that really cared about its students, it likely would have turned out very bad for me. The teachers in my previous school system were unqualified and unhappy people. How are you going to go to college attending schools like that? That's not a merit system. That's chance.
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My life is nothing but working on my dissertation until I can't think anymore (I need to have a draft to my supervisor sometime tomorrow because there's less than seven weeks left until I submit, ahhhh!) and then going home and drinking wine while watching crappy TV. It's super boring, basically, but there are exciting things in the works!

Two weeks from Tuesday, I'm going to go see the USWNT crush North Korea and it's going to be AWESOME. Speaking of, just in general? FUCK YEAH THE OLYMPICS ARE COMING (to a place a couple hours away from me and therefore not actively interfering in my daily life, sry Londoners). I plan on WATCHING EVERYTHING while editing my dissertation. And then, in September, traveling around, which will be sussed out in the course of the next couple of weeks, fingers crossed, and then home just in time for the preseason if there is one and if there isn't, well, Best Bro and I will have more monies for gas to go to Estero and Orlando when we need our hockey fix. As long as the Kings still come to Sunrise once the season happens, I'm good. I could use a good mass booing of Mike Richards. (ALSO IN TIME FOR THE POSTSEASON, IF MIRACLES HAPPEN. but they won't, especially with Giancarlo sidelined.)

Ugh, okay, back to work now. :| Expect a post soon omg with nothing but "IT IS FUCKING FINISHED" and then I might try and be generally entertaining again. I plan on spending a day or two after I finish the draft working on some of the stuff I've got half done (current contents of my googledocs that might get finished by the time I'm back in Florida: PK/Carey that's mostly just Carey losing his mind over PK and Ellerby having hooked up at selection camp, Hallsy/Ebs hanging out on Florida beaches last March, and a few thousand words of Grimaldi/Huberdeau soulbonding which I can't even be ashamed of because it makes me super happy), so that will be fun. Or something.
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Went to the library at the university down the road from my mom's house the other day because there were books there I needed for my dissertation that my uni just does not have. That's about all the work I got done while here, but at least I got some work done and I'm in a good place to maybe finish this week FINALLY and then I have six weeks to edit and then I get to go traveling for a couple of weeks before I meet up with my mom to do a little bit more travel and go home.

Whatever, okay, moving on. Shirtless Makarov is always relevant to my interests.

Also relevant to my interests: look how succinct Dale made my Ellerby rant! Legit the ONLY thing wrong with that kid is he hasn't finished maturing (he's a defensive defenseman, it's going to take fucking TIME) and how Pete DeBoer treated him (you can only handle 35 seconds, no wait you can handle twelve minutes, no wait only three) and how much it sucked to be him this year because he was either the number 3/4 or the number 7 guy by the end of it, which is just revolting. I so desperately want Dale to sign Shane Doan and then for him to just look at Ellerby to get him to pick up his game while telling him how great he is until he's got his confidence back. (And then they win the cup and bring it to the family reunion and Carey is cranky and everyone makes fun of him.)

I realized on the bus back that I left my American flag sneakers in Miami. I will have to find some other horribly patriotic article of clothing to wear to the Olympics so I can properly embarrass [ profile] jess_darkwater and [ profile] doctor_denmark. I'm thinking a cape. That's about the level of interesting my life is at, guys. Shoes and clothes and losing my mind over hockey contracts.
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Ellerby retweeted a thing that just said "@CP0031 so hot" and then I exploded because that's what I do pretty much any time he tweets about Carey. It's been a good couple of days with the Florida guys -- Matthias invited Guds to go to Magic Mike with him and it's development camp, which has thus far mostly featured Rau giving gushy interviews about how much he doesn't want Bjugs to leave him for better weather and how Harvey ships it. Still, this summer is dreadfully dull without Huberdeau randomly moving in with someone else and spending the whole week pulling his pigtails. I guess only Rau is close to being short enough for him and Bjugs wouldn't be having any of that.

SPEAKING OF FLORIDA, that's where I am right now. My sister and I are hanging out tomorrow (with the kids!) and then Friday, I'm thinking about driving up for the last scrimmage of development camp, since I'm meeting a friend in Broward for lunch anyway. Saturday my cousin is coming down and I will relax, dammit, and possibly we will squeeze the beach in and then Sunday, I'll have to make an appearance at church before getting on the plane back to England. Oof. Crazy week, but 100% worth it for the look on my mom's face when I stood up at the restaurant.

And then Carlos Lee refused a trade to the Dodgers, but accepted one to the Marlins and somewhere in baseball fan heaven, my dad and my uncle high-fived.
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The offseason/free agency is already stressful as hell. I hope you're all happy with your teams that aren't losing key pieces or about to make a really dumb trade. >:( Here are some of the videos that are making me happy when I need to stop thinking about Luongo coming "home" or Garrison leaving for the $6mil he's getting after that Wideman deal.
* Pumpkin carving with Ells and the Alien, which includes Ellerby saying, "if you're not cheating, you're not trying!" (his hero, Shane Doan, taught him that one) and "they don't have pumpkins on Mars."
* Matthias defending Ellerby's honor. Bonus: Matthias getting in a fight back in Rochester and then Ellerby smacking Matty's junk in celebration.
* Ask the Cats: What would you change your name to? Spoiler: Ellerby wants to be Shawn Matthias. Christ, and Carolina worries that maybe one day two JStaals could be confusing. Bonus: Versteeg would change his name to Lambert.
* This is the video where Ellerby gets asked to name all of his teammates by first name, looks really confused, and then starts with '...Keaton?' Starring Cabbie, Versteeg being Versteeg, and how the Belleville guys came up with "Danger" as a nickname for Matthias.
Other than that: the weather was nice yesterday for once, my hip's being a pain, I'm not sleeping nearly as much as I should be, my work is going okay but not great, and I'm more anxious about meeting up with a friend from middle school this weekend than I have been about meeting up with complete strangers ever. And that's life.
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♥ Thanks for the comments about Charles, all. Like I said, I'm not half as fucked up about it as I was with Spot/Sinkcat or with Sassy, but it sucks to know he's not going to be there when I get home in September.

Thanks to Facebook, a guy I hung out with all the time when we were fourteen/fifteen recently got in touch with me. He's going to be in England soon and wants to meet up. Which is really cool, except we haven't seen each other since then so I have no idea how weird it will be. Luckily, Facebook also means I will have things I can ask him about and presumably he'll let me kill fifteen minutes explaining my dissertation, talking about the whole studying in England thing, and telling the story about how this is the only uni that accepted me, which is usually good for some bewildered laughs.

Best Bro left this morning and oh my god, the amount of time she spent while she was here fighting with her boyfriend, who is an idiot, as Twitter has seen. Protip, being a jealous weirdo because your girlfriend is doing a study abroad program and talks to the other people who are as well or wears heels when going out with her friends makes you look like an ass.

In hockey news, Florida was dumb and didn't draft a goalie (the system's down to Theo, Marky, Foster, one guy who didn't play anywhere last year, and an NCAA guy, since Clemmer rejected Dale's final offer). Every team was dumb and didn't draft Andrey Makarov! So now he's coming to development camp next week and my feelings about him went from 0 to 60 in like three minutes once I started poking his Twitter feed and saw about how excited he is about Florida and how he's not going back to Russia (shades of Kulikov, so way better than Dadonov, sorry Carolina) and how into Nail he is. So, fingers crossed, we get a shiny new goalie. Other things I love about Makarov: his propensity for tweeting articles about himself with just the link and sometimes the headline and no other context. Also, this tweet to Nail.

Some Makarov pictures, with lots of bonus Nail (two are them as bbs!). )


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