Aug. 1st, 2012

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This trip was amazing up until the point last night when I found out that Gaby Sanchez had been traded and then I just had to cry for a while and then be horribly lol defensive of Scott Cousins. But I'm not here to talk about that, I'm here to talk about all I will be talking about until they end: THE OLYMPICS!

As a note: seriously, if you think the BBC isn't jingoistic as fuck compared to NBC, let me point you to where the BBC announcers refer to Cristian Rosso and Ariel Suarez EXCLUSIVELY as "the young pretenders" and say heinous shit about them constantly, though less when they're only crushing NZ instead of threatening GB. Rosso and Suarez, btw, ROCKED NEW ZEALAND'S WORLD yesterday, winning their semifinal and going on to the final where they're going to row for gold. Also, they won that race with Rosso not quite keeping his blades at the right height, which means if he can improve that in the final, oh boy.

Manchester was amazing. I have rarely regretted the choice of the prestigious program over Manchester's better suited to me program, but oh my god, what a city. And even better was all the yelling about how Ebs is totally overrated in order to make [ profile] doctor_denmark cry and [ profile] jess_darkwater yelling "LET ME LOVE YOU, HOPE SOLO" at the match (which was AMAZING, but I don't have much to say about it other than the trolls with the South Korean flag behind the one goal were amazing and oh god, my crush on Abby Wambach, let me show you it). Soooooo many feelings happened and I wasn't operating at 100% because I'd walked ~3 miles through Manchester. (Which was great! I'm so in love with that city! I felt almost-but-not-quite at home, more at home than I've felt anywhere else in England.)

My stitches are out, thanks to a few too many glasses of wine while watching the Argentinian rowers and a pair of scissors. My hand no longer complains when I stretch while typing, which is AWESOME. I maaaay be writing Grindr fic as a result of this weekend, mostly because Jess got Hannah to promise other things if it gets written and I really want those other things. (We may only be able to hold her to a babysitter Jeff sequel, but I've got my fingers crossed for Bobby Ryan/Hope Solo.) Spoiler: it's Versteeg fic and when the Kings are in town, he makes plans and it turns out to be Richie and they do not bone because they have no chemistry. (He would go home and bone Weiss instead, because they have way better chemistry, but Weiss is in a chaste relationship with his couch and his dog and doesn't do things like have sex.)

Let's have more pictures of rowers! Here be dumb faces and bad lycra. )


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