Jan. 26th, 2012

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Sometimes I read things about how utterly disgusted Tim Howard was when he scored a goal because GOALKEEPER SOLIDARITY and I love him even more. Also I want a billion things where all the dudes and ladies who play goal for various US national teams hang out and are crazy people together. Hope Solo does not think

I've been doing this thing where I'll be stunningly productive for two days and then completely unproductive for two more. This is not a great schedule to be on and I need to fix it ASAP. I did clean my room this morning, so once I get the rest of my laundry done and thus off of my desk I will be able to use it again and that helped at the start of term when I still had a comfortable desk chair. I miss that chair.

I am pretty fucking drunk right now. Everything in here except this paragraph was written while sober, but I had an LGBT officer meeting and then a lecture on Trans 101 where the dude giving the talk basically did what pisses me off which is this thing where it's like "oh, well, if you don't conform to SOCIETY, then you're trans" and fuck you, I actually do identify as cis. I can do whatever I want while being a lady. It's awesome. And then there was LGBTQ soc drinks and then R texted me and we went for drinks with some people from her program and her boy and I finally googled and also pulled up 24/7 to prove to her boy, after two weeks of bickering about it, that Couterier lives with Briere and not Giroux and seriously, the fact that I have spent two weeks arguing with someone about where a Flyers rookie lives is a little much for my life right now. Whatever. My bed summons me. Good night.

I leave you with a picture of Ellerby holding a bb!capuchin! )


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