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Angela ([personal profile] candesco) wrote2012-08-05 07:42 pm

oh look i have another cold fuck my life

I spent Friday night at Jessica's and it was so lovely. We did our usual of being dumb about elves and yelling about the internet and watching questionable movies (Wild Child: objectively terrible, but also the third best movie I've ever seen after Young Blood and Legally Blonde) and talking about Julia Quinn's foot fetish. I don't know how to explain how hard I ship Hugh/Daniel from A Night Like This. I was so upset every time they had a scene together that didn't end with Daniel realizing how deeply in love with him Hugh was! He went to Italy to bring him home!!!

also this picture the NHLPA posted from Russia. come talk to me about it because I haven't closed it since it was posted. I'm 90% sure this is because of Kulikov's thighs (I mean, I'm sure it's the thighs, but I'm only 90% sure it's him because I am WRETCHEDLY faceblind), because it's not like I've never been weirdly obsessed with things about him before, see also that time I spent three weeks trying to find a picture to prove that his hair sometimes moves. (Best Bro and I gasped the time during warmups when some of it seemed to move. It was genuinely startling!)

oh and today Jason Garrison is marching in Vancouver Pride and I don't CARE if he's doing it as a Canuck, he's still my favorite and probably always will be. LOOK AT HIM, OH MY GOD. ALSO THIS ONE, BUT WARNING FOR PATRICK BURKE. UGH, GARRISON, WHY DID YOU HAVE TO GO TO VANCOUVER? But apparently now that he's back in Vancouver full time, he's decided to take up with Keith Seabrook, so all of my thoughts are about them now. Also rowers.

I'm desolate now that the rowing has left me, but at least Team USA is having world juniors evaluation camp this week, so there's hockey! Including hockey with my favorite defense prospect (CONNOR MURPHYYYYY) and &Trocheck;

South Africa's quad won gold!

Ugh and their stroke is just so HANDSOME and HAPPY. I love it.

The super attractive Iranian sculler who crashed my flash player before one of her heats. Heyyyyy Soulmaz.

I KNOW they're being good about sitting the boat, but my friend holds a college record for most capsizes in an outing, so pictures like this freak me out sometimes.

The happy Croatian quad after winning silver! :D

The Canadian kit is still awful, but it's a little better with the red long sleeve top under the unisuit. Can anyone explain to me why Canada thinks that black is one of their colors, though?

Ugh, Copeland and Hosking! The GB women who were in doubles/pairs were AMAZING this go round.


And I'm not at ALL sorry you're not as great as Mahe, Alan Campbell!

Hugs are the BEST part -- I love how she's making sure the boat doesn't flip here. A lady after my own heart!

So much gold for GB in the rowing. >:( They don't lead the medals, though, so here is the country that does.

Auuuugh SIT DOWN.


Cohen and Sullivan are okay, too.

Mahe's the best, though. I saw some people with Mahe shirts on my way home yesterday and wanted to befriend them so badly.

Seriously, Mahe best!

No, wait, Team USA best! Check out their kit next to Canada's. SO much better!

The problem with medals is they had to make sure to take Mary's off before throwing her in so it wasn't even a proper surprise! you're in the water now!

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