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So there are new people once again! Hello new people! Come talk at me! (And old people too, I am trying to procrastinate here!) I am Angie/Angela, born/raised/etc. in Florida where it is warm, living in England where it is not, doing a master's in history, pretty much a failure at life, and going to post this and make a fucking sandwich now so I can stop using that as an excuse not to do work.

Thanks to this report about his objection to the godforsaken pitbull ban in my home county, Mark Buehrle is now my favorite Marlin not named Mike Stanton.

The only good thing about the Panthers losing to the Devils: Bill Lindsay (who wore 11 for the Panthers back in the day) talking about how John Madden is wearing 10 even though he's only signed for this year because THE GREATEST #11 OF ALL TIME WILL BE COMING ALONG NEXT YEAR. And Billy thinks that Huberdeau will move ahead of him in total points scored as a Panther next season alone, which would mean scoring 166 points, so more than 2 points a game. I'm so glad Bill Lindsay is possibly more deluded than I am about the baby Panthers. It makes me feel better about myself. (Huberdeaaaaaaau, don't listen to Billy, you just be the best you can be next year, it doesn't matter how many goals you score, I am sure Tiniest will let you score on him ANYWAY, since he loved you even when you posted pictures of him half-naked on Twitter and we all know he thinks the good lord does not approve of being naked in public.)

Bland life update: More and more people are around! When I went to Starbucks on Thursday, there was exactly the right amount of people out for me to feel not like I was in a fucking ghosttown, but to not feel overwhelmed by the mobs of tourists. And Z should be back in the next couple of days if I remember her schedule right, as well as my soulmate across the hall and my bromate downstairs. Essay is trotting along at a reasonable clip if one assumes I am going to use the shorter length of the essay for the draft and then move it up to 4k when the two C's tell me what to fix.


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