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I am so angry about this prompt on queer_fest that I am updating just to be enraged, internet.cut for me being angry about gender and a rape-related prompt of grossness )

Anyway. Enough of that. We went to the Panthers-Oilers game for Best Bro's birthday. Tickets were all of $8, which is not the cheapest we've managed, but was still pretty great. She got mad at me for how fond I was of Ebs and RNH, but whatever. Whatever! The baby Oilers are adorable! Also they aired Soupy's YCP vid, it was pretty great. And there was a moment. Oh my god. There was a moment. Where Ebs shot in overtime and Kulikov dropped down to block it almost exactly like he did at the 2009 WJC right before the golden goal and I clutched Best Bro's arm hard enough that I, uh, left a bruise. And then there was the SHOOTOUT, which Madden didn't start even though he was skating around right before it happened and I was afraid, and it was peopleIdon'tcareabout-Ebs-Kuli-someone-Weiss-fuckyouNuge. And I almost fell out of my chair screaming at Kulikov to WIN THIS ONE FOR MOTHER RUSSIA! And then Nuge won it, FUCK YOU NUGE. :(

Also I went to the Minute Clinic for some nice drugs. I find the Minute Clinic about a billion times nicer than the doctor's office, where I am inevitably called a fat cow, and this was no exception. The nice nurse practitioner winced when I told her that my menstrual period was currently occurring and said, "That's proof God is not a woman." She also gave me a really strong cough suppressant (my cough is so bad it makes me puke, or sometimes cough blood, or sometimes see stars) and antibiotics and told me to stop running around for a few days and rest. We'll see how that works out.


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