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Reasons why I love/hate South Florida sports fans (or at least the kind that don't need a lesson in standing by your man even when he's down in the basement): there's a rat infestation at Panther Run Elementary. Their principal shares a surname with the guy we called up to fill in for Kulikov. (He's doing great at it, really. He and Ellerby have such awesome chemistry and are so wonderful together that they sometimes run into each other. Oh, wait. UGH.) OBVIOUSLY THIS IS A SIGN THAT WE WILL BE VICTORIOUS!!!

But the point of posting was not to rant about my team. (On the other hand, please, get me started on people who call Gudbranson part of the top pairing when, since the Chicago shitfest, he's skated more than Ellerby [part of our "bottom pairing"] ONCE and that was TEN SECONDS DIFFERENCE and all because he gets powerplay time and lol Ells on the powerplay and we had like a billion minutes of powerplay time last night. This is actually me working at not talking about it; you may not have noticed because of how badly I'm failing at it.) The point of posting WAS--

I'm going to be home a month from tomorrow! The hockey lineup: Hurricanes (Best Bro's birthday present), Leafs (because we always do beautifully against them when I go to the game, though I barely balanced out J's bad luck last go round), Bruins (A's birthday), and Oilers (Best Bro's actual birthday). I'm missing the Sabres game (no one cares, Buffalo) because I will be in Chicago then. It's gonna be a good two weeks. (P.S. Chicago people, I will be there from March 16th to March 20th, assuming all goes well when I book my tickets tonight. Not at all secret message to Dili! Can I stay with you and Rosie the 16th and probably the 17th? Also, I assume we are at least making an effort to pub the morning of the 17th for great justice Arsenal-Everton, allowing for work, etc. BETS WILL BE MADE. STUPID SHIT WILL BE DONE.)

Also, uh, huge deal? Best Bro and I were talking last week or so and I finally said to her that I wasn't entirely straight and "you know half of my exes are women, right? Just because their names aren't obviously one gender or the other doesn't, uh, make them dudes." Best Bro and I met through the most conservative Christian group where I went to undergrad, so this was really scary. BUT. THE BEST THING. Her reaction? "Well, if I'd dated more than one person, half of my exes would probably be women, too."

And this is why, despite how absolutely insane she sometimes drives me, she is my favorite human being who isn't Coven or family (which are the same thing anyway).


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