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I was a fucking wreck this morning (and kind of still am) because -- twenty wins for the Marlins in May, with a game to go, and the record was nineteen, set in August of 1997 during their first improbable run to winning the World Series. Ew, feelings. Baseball/uncle-related. )

I was going to do work tonight (my focus was shot during my usual working hours, so I only got about 50 words written and I'm supposed to be doing 500 a day to get a draft done this term), but instead I've spent my time thinking about tidying my room, listening to Jennifer Knapp's "fuck you, I'm coming out" album, and finishing my [ profile] hockeyrarepairs fic. If anyone wants to read over that before I post it (it's just over 1k, maybe 1.5 if I add back the stuff I'm thinking I might, and almost entirely Booth and Weiss crying over how horrible it is that Booth has to play in Vancouver), that would be awesome. :D?

I had something else to talk about, but I'm pretty sure it was me being crazy about the popular "definition" of alcoholism (Patrick Kane: probably not an actualfax alcoholic, but might be able to use some of what you get out of rehab, as long as it's his choice to go, but most people could use that, so whatever), terrible hockey bloggers (oh lord, your sexism/stupidity is showing, Rat Trick writers), and/or fishing (don't get me started), so it's probably best I go to sleep instead.
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Don't mind me, I'm just going to go watch videos of Andrew Ladd getting punched in the face for the next while. Truly, nothing else, not even Stephen Weiss texting Stamkos, "I love you," can make up for last night right now.

I'm going back to England tomorrow. (Ahahaha, my plane will leave in roughly the middle of the third period of the Cats-Caps game, THAT'S GOING TO SUCK.) I'm excited, because I really get zero work done when I'm in America, even when I plan on doing it. There are just so many shiny things and people that I miss desperately and all I want to do is run around and eat and do things. I'm also excited because I miss Sarah and Jessica and R and the trio of A's. Also being on an actual river for some of my training instead of exclusively on the busted ass erg in my old uni's gym where I, uh, almost ripped the foot plate off last time I was on it. Basically, superior in every way as America is, there's a lot I will miss about England come September.

ALSO. Tonight was opening night at Marlins Park and my grandparents sent me and my mom )

Last thing before I go the fuck to sleep: I'm not going to tell him to cut it, but WASH YOUR FUCKING HAIR, VERBEAUTY.
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THE FLIGHT HOME WAS GREAT. I watched the Lion King, some Big Bang Theory, KINKY BOOTS AT LONG LAST, and the Devil Wears Prada. I was going to do things like write while I watched things, but I ended up playing Angry Birds the entire flight instead. And then Greg Dobbs was clearing customs at the same time as me, which I discovered because I spotted his stack of Florida Marlins luggage emblazoned with his number. Get some new gear, Miami boy.

My abuelas are making arroz con pollo for me tonight. ALL FOR ME. Well, for everyone else who is going over for H's birthday, but mostly they are making it because I have missed it a lot and they love me. OM NOM NOM.

I don't know what to do with the Panthers right now. The team that lost 5-0 to the Flyers should not then lose 2-1 in a shootout to the Penguins the next night, especially not with how shit our second night of back-to-backs have been this season. It's weird. But we're very likely to win the division, no matter what Wyshynski says, because no one else wants it and then PLAYOFFS IN FLORIDA IN A SPORT I CARE ABOUT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN WAY TOO LONG. \o/

Anyway, I need to go try and do some work on my essay so that I can pretend I am doing work this break, but this morning when I was up way too early I ended up curious about political contributions from athletes and ran this set of stuff, specifically for hockey players because the first football player I found the information on, from a different site, made me cry.

Thank god for, seriously. )


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