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Last night I watched a little bit of the Panthers-Sabres game before getting cranky at them and turning it off. Before that, though, there was this beautiful Kris Versteeg-Christian Ehrhoff fight. I could watch Versteeg's golden locks of power flow behind him as he skates away from Ehrhoff forever. (Also, here is the time Matthias beat up Carter Ashton in defense of Ellerby's honor. I have no idea if it's in there, but Weiss was falling over the boards with how happy he was after that fight. It was darling! But after the Versteeg fight, I have never seen Weiss look so hungdog depressed except in the video after they lost like twelve straight last year.)

Anyway, Kulikov won the game against the Sabres even though he also almost lost it for the team, WAY TO BE, KULIKOV. capslock crazy person ranting )

Probably the last thing I will say about the Panthers in this entry: I showed Rosie Matthias's twitter picture, which is the one of him with his arms around Weiss and Weiss grinning like an idiot and she accused me of lying about it being his twitter picture. NOPE. Matthias is that in love with Stephen Weiss. And who wouldn't be? My mom extended my trip home because my grandparents were cranky about not seeing me enough (because I got sick the day before I left, I only saw them twice last week and my school schedule shifted since I made the plans to be in America and so I can), sooooo I made sure she extended it past April 3 and that means I get to go to WEISSER DAY!!! It's his 29th birthday and the 10th anniversary of his Panthers/NHL debut and the odds that we'll sing happy birthday to him are REALLY HIGH.

Today was an excellent day. I woke up on Dili's couch and coughed up a lung which turned my throat from surprisingly fine into horribly raw and destroyed my voice. And then we went to the sports bar to watch Liverpool and even though I clapped heartily for Stoke, I was secretly glad for Liverpool to win because it means that as long as Everton can figure out how to crush Sunderland on the 27th, one more Merseyside Derby except at Wembley in mid-April! How awesome!

And then Dili and Rosie dropped me off on Belmont and I ended up taking a nice long walk because it was nice out and I had plenty of time to meet up with [ profile] just_katarin and [ profile] impertinence and other people whose usernames I'm not actually sure of oops for cupcakes! I was worried that my noise of sheer gurgly glee at the reminder that the Panthers have been ahead of the Capitals in the division for the vast majority of the season (I think it's up to 120 days or so? WHATEVER, A BILLION DAYS OF GLORY!) might horrify them to no end, but it didn't at all and that was good. Also, om nom nom cupcakes!

Now I am once again rolling around on the air mattress at Steph's and contemplating VPNing to my English IP address so I can watch the Blackhawks-Capitals game on my laptop via GCL instead of having to get up and go into the other room. Maybe I will see if Steph wants to watch it. STEPHANIE, ARE YOU REFRESHING THE INTERNET? DO YOU WANT TO WATCH THE BLACKHAWKS GAME? I WORE MY LUCKY SNEAKERS TODAY JUST FOR THIS GAME! you even get NBCSN, since I think it's not on local TV tonight? Whatever. Talk to me! I'm actually done listening to this podcast for now because I don't have enough energy to pay the attention to &DMITRY CHESNOKOV;, purveyor of KHL playboys, that he deserves, I just am too lazy to take my headphones out.
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I am rolling around on the air mattress at Steph's apartment pretending to be doing work while actually fucking around on the internet trying to find a juniors equivalent to this so I don't have to make one myself. Look, it is very important that there be a ready made resource for this shit so I don't end up spending more hours navigating the hell holes that are the various CHL websites. Seriously, Michigan State's 2002 archive is better organized than those things.

I reached the point in being sick yesterday where I wrote several hundred words about how it was totally plausible for Ellerby and PK to have hooked up at WJC camp (TOTALLY plausible; Ellerby's juniors bestie played his junior hockey in Bellville! three seasons with PK!) and also how great it would be if someone (and by someone I mean me, I guess, because I'm the only one that crazy) wrote fic where Ellerby and Versteeg boned during Versteeg's fourteen games in Kamloops. Luckily, I passed out before I subjected you all to that. The condensed version is horrible enough.

I'm at 1000 words on my option paper. It needs to be at 4000 tonight. ...this could be a fun few hours. I grabbed my notebook so I can start flipping through my notes and building things up. That's progress, right?

Anyway, I am in Chicago, I am alive, I am going to see a Dili and a Rosie tomorrow! Also, all is right with the world, because unlike last time I was here, I have seen way, way more Chicago sports paraphernalia than Miami Dolphins paraphernalia. it weird that I track that? I'm just intrigued by who wears what where. LIKE THE SLOVAKS. OH MAN. I FOUND SLOVAKS AT THE GAME LAST NIGHT AND LOST MY MIND. There was a crowd of them in Team Slovakia Chara jerseys and then all of a sudden it turned out two of them actually had Kopecky jerseys on. AMAZING. Also we got upgraded to the IKEA couch in the club level (it is one of the promotion things; basically, our fan patrol group loves me because that's the second time this season they've nabbed me for a thing). IT WAS A PRETTY SWEET NIGHT. I got lots of snuggles from Best Bro while I was being sick and a crazy person about hockey in the state of Florida and the Bruins getting outscored 12-3 on this swing and then John Madden scored his first goal as a Panther (also his first point!) and I fell off of the couch. The end.

Oh, and sentencing for my mom's friend happened. Four years (with time served), fifteen years probation. Mom admitted he should be in prison, so that's progress. I still feel sick about it all.


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