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Does anyone else do that thing where you make a post that says "today" all over the place and then end up crashing before actually posting it and then having to change those time words? Because I do that a lot and sometimes I do it for several days straight and then just go "FUCK IT" and delete the post. I also did it last night, with the worst headache I've had in ages, which means you are out any context for the time I almost asked my mother if her shiny new toy could subscribe to a channel of all pegging all the time.

Other than that, yesterday was a good day, even with the multiple failed attempts at going to the beach. At some point between the beach attempts, I walked into my room and went, "Why the hell do I think I've never talked to [ profile] coppertone about an Avatar Silm AU?" I didn't get much past Fëanor as the Fire Lord, but I do want it! And I expect that now that I've mentioned it, Claire and I will spend much of the first day I'm in England discussing how amazing it is. Or that is my hope, whatever. Claire, you're on notice.

I've suddenly had the "I don't live in Florida anymore" realization. Someone asked if I was from Florida today and I went, "Um. Originally, yes, but I don't live here anymore." It's weird, since I lived here for just shy of twenty-two years, but ... realistically, even if I get a job in Miami, I'll be living in a different part of Miami from the one I lived in the vast majority of that time.

Whatever. The beach was amazing this morning and now I'm going to my favorite place in Miami to have some tea and then a bunch of us are going to watch the Panthers and the Maple Leafs game at the BAC with high BACs. This will possibly involve strategic swapping of seats and sections. Stay tuned! Should be a sellout (officially; not according to StubHub and the official ticket exchange, but whatever) crowd and half of them might actually be Panthers fans!


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