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GREATEST NEWS: the sentencing has been postponed until the day after it was supposed to be, which means that even though I got this kind of emotionally/religiously manipulative e-mail from that dude's wife, I don't have to go to his sentencing and be emotionally fucked up and physically ill or risk feeling like a massive douche. And the sentence should be handed down by the time I land in Chicago, so I won't be jittering around about it, just still confused -- though, mostly, I've settled on, "Nah, he's pretty much scum, whatever everyone is saying about 'repentance,' because he's said that before, and yes, as much as I object to the prison system, that's where he belongs."

I'm at the halfway point of my degree. \o/ It's pretty weird -- in six months, I'll have a master's and hopefully a big girl job, which is terrifying. I'll be done with academia for the foreseeable future, though there's still the possibility of going back to do enough school for degrees in educational psychology and curriculum development if I end up needing them to smack people around.

I need to sleep, because tomorrow is going to be a loooooong day -- I've got to finish my data collection, work on outlining my option paper, I have an evening outing, and I need to do laundry. BUT FIRST. God, it must've been weeks ago, I mentioned to [ profile] just_katarin how apparently a bunch of dudes were hitting Sunrise for the Habs game to hang out with Ellerby and Carey and her response was to demand fic where Ellerby makes fun of Carey for how into PK he is. I sketched something out, but I've come to accept that it isn't going past 500 words of something I wouldn't actually call proper fic about them chilling somewhere after the NYE game, so here that is so that it gets out of my googledocs. :|

Cousins being dicks to each other is kind of my lifeblood, even if it is weird writing cousins who aren't boning. Oh, Tolkien fandom. )


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