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"Besides his ability to score, things to look for are Bjugstad's chemistry with Rau..." SERIOUSLY. Now if they would just develop personalities, they would be the BEST.

I checked job openings in what I want to do when I get home and there are, at the very least, several part time positions that I have all the qualifications for. I also qualify to -- okay. In order to teach grades 6-9, I need to go back and take a class in geography and one in econ. In order to teach grades 6-12? I need to to absolutely nothing. I am not sure how this makes sense, but that's Florida! Sometimes, the four professional ice hockey teams in South Florida are the most normal thing about my home state.

Jason Garrison got hurt yesterday. Only two guys (maybe three, but I have a hunch we're not taking San Antonio's captain) stand between Keith Seabrook and the NHL now! MAKE IT HAPPEN, DALE! We need a powerplay guy that isn't Weaver or Ellerby! I want to buy myself a #2 Seabrook shirt! I can't do that unless he's been on the roster at least ONCE!

R's boy and I got into a really loud fight about Mike Richards and the Subbans last night (and 90% of what he said was shit that just made me go "...are you high? I thought we were on our WAY to pregame! No one told me I was supposed to already be wasted."). This would've been fine, except we were walking down the biggest street in town at the time. Whatever, we still weren't as bad as the undergrads at two in the morning outside my window. Stupid undergrads. >:(

Oh, but also, some of my college friends thought the video of the dad shooting the laptop was hilarious. AHAHAHA NO. I hate everyone. If you think it was hilarious, you should either GTFO or come let me tell you about how very much that sent me right back to the nightmare I lived every day of my life until my parents split up. I'm good either way.
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[This used to be an entire paragraph of me being a crazy person about Booth-Richards-Bergenheim. I deleted it. You're welcome. As always, feel free to talk about Mike Richards at me if you want to see batshit!Angie, probably with lots of capslock.]

Today I learned how to run online elections for my college! It was very exciting! However, as a Floridian, I am somewhat concerned about the sanity of the people who approved my position as the returning officer. Don't they know what happens when you let Florida run elections? BAD THINGS INVARIABLY HAPPEN. Amendment 2, George Bush twice somehow, Rick Scott, Marco fucking Rubio...

Whatever. There's a new article about Bjugstad and Rau and it makes everything better. Oh, Bjugs. "I made sure I gave him a hard time about coming here. ... I was all over him and thankfully he chose here." They are the best babies.

And here. Have links to the best of the Ask The Cats videos so far this season:
The one where Versteeg quotes Dan Marino and Clemmer is possibly the only one with taste. (Favorite movie lines.)
The one where Versteeg thinks he looks like Ryan Gosling and Soupy embraces his role as the unattractive ginger of the bunch. (Celebrity look-a-likes.)
The one where Kulikov's theme song is about going down on a girl in a car. (Theme songs. Versteeg's is Glamorous, just so you know.)
The one where Versteeg is really excited about mustard. (Replacements for the turkey at Thanksgiving.)
The one where Booth is really excited about going to the playoffs. ;___; (What are you looking forward to most about the season?)
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Oh, Dreamwidth, hello. You are really quite clean and beautiful and best of all, an excuse for a nice, neat, empty journal. I do get twitchy when my journal is all full up with three years of madness and whatnot. I'm excited about the cross-posting most of all, because it means everything can go over to LJ and be stored there in one place even when I get twitchy and need a new clean space.

I was meant to be heading back to England tomorrow, but I will not return until Thursday (departing Wednesday night) and I won't be back in my room until the new year, it looks like. I'm okay with that, though, as it means I get to dash from the plane to Sarah's and then have a Claire.

Earlier this year, my supervisor asked me why I study history and I told him it was because I think that without knowing where we come from, we can't know where we are or where we're going ... so to start this journal off, here's that year-in-review meme that goes around.

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That's done, then! Now I should probably try and get some sleep. Urgh.


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