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My health issues are ... bad. And knocked me out long enough that I'm now at the point where it's freaking me out to e-mail my supervisor and my course convener even though I need to have done so by this past Sunday. I'm a bit more calmed down about my everything now that I've outlined what I need to do tomorrow -- I was just at a point where I needed to reorganize the paper again and I'm going to have to cut words, which means adding more, but it should be doable today.

I am officially moving home in August or September, depending on when I finish my dissertation. I'm really excited about this and will probably punch the first person to say to me, "But why do you want to come back to Miami when you could stay in England?" That person will probably be my best Miami friend and she will deserve it. I am allowed to want to be where I want to be. (I will probably end up moving elsewhere after about a year, but the first year is to regroup and be at home and basically decide if I'm going to try for the career option that makes everything else look horrible or go ahead and do the PhD.)

This article gave me all the feelings because Mike Weaver. Tell me more about watching him use his body and his stick, Jason Garrison!

Right. Time for breakfast and then for work, I guess. Tell me happy things, internet?


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