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Hockey Holidays 2016 Dear Author Letter!

Exchange time, time to dust off the old DW, I guess:

Dear Author,

Hi! I'm super glad you're writing for me -- I would be delighted with any fic about the ships I've requested that you want to write. I only request things where I'm completely happy if my author writes the story that makes their heart sing, so feel free to go wild (but do please respect my listed dislikes). If, like me, you work better with a little more inspiration, I hope these prompts help! You can also always contact [ profile] bessyboo for more on my likes/dislikes -- she probably knows them better than I do.

Things I like:

- strong friendships
- emotional intimacy/vulnerability
- breakup/makeup fic
- ridiculous tropey fun
- AUs of almost every kind (preferably not coffee shop or academia AUs)
- happy endings
- domesticity
- relationship negotiation
- werewolves

Things I don't like:

- Christmas-centric fic
- hopeless/sad endings
- cheating
- daddykink, watersports, scat, non-con, and anything involving food in a sexual manner.

Brandon Saad/Vincent Trocheck

My favorite thing about these two is the story of how Trocheck recruited Saad to Saginaw. I love that Trocheck is undersized and feisty and flashy and cocky and that Saad is quieter and softer but no less fierce and determined. While I love their friendship, I'd love something that plays up a bit of rivalry between them in terms of things like draft position or who's going to beat whom at everything, especially if Trocheck takes it way more seriously than Saad does.

I would also love something set at the World Cup this past summer, perhaps with a surprise resurgence of old high school feelings that neither of them were expecting to have to deal with. Or something where they have to navigate long distance after Saad turns pro and then even longer distance when Trocheck also turns pro! Or something where they have terrible timing and don't get together until after that?

Or, speaking of Trocheck's professional career, maybe just something where he rubs it in Saad's face that he gets to play on the same team as Jagr and sometimes even center him. Actually I would like that in everything, definitely combine it with anything.

(If you are a Leddy/Saad type, you are more than welcome to explore something that plays with how Leddy and Trocheck look remarkably alike, but I would prefer for this exchange that Trocheck and Saad are together and happy at the end.)

Charlie Coyle/Jonathan Huberdeau

I love no one in hockey like I love Jonathan Huberdeau. He's such a colossal weirdo and Charlie Coyle is such a nice normal boy and I love that contrast. I have spent far too much time thinking about Charlie dropping out of college to go play with Huberdeau (SPECIFICALLY with Huberdeau who he would later say is one of the two best players he's ever played with and I just have so many feelings). I would love anything you wrote about these two, probably especially if Huberdeau cries a little.

At the world juniors after Charlie dropped out of BU, Huby apparently said to him, "see you soon," and like, I want so much fic about that world juniors for them. Especially if Huby kind of pulls him close and says, "see you soon" in the handshake line after Canada beat the US and Charlie has weird feelings about it.

They've both had a lot of ups and downs in their careers -- and Huby is currently having a horrible down -- and I'd love something where they help each other through one or many of those, possibly especially if they haven't talked in a while and are reconnecting. (How much of a pain in the ass do you think an injured Jonathan Huberdeau is? And he's had a couple of surgeries that left him presumably extremely bored for a while.)

Also consider: they dated briefly when Charlie was in the Q and then had a very messy breakup and are getting back together! Or they've been secretly dating this whole time!

Nick Bjugstad/Kyle Rau

My favorite thing about these two is everything. I have loved this ship longer and more loyally than any other hockey ship. I genuinely can't imagine these two without each other. I could read a million words of domestic fluff sprinkled with worry and heartbreak about these two and not get tired of it. I love all the gut wrenching fic that's been written about them, I love the ridiculous true life fairy tale that is their narrative, and I love all the potential there still is to explore.

I'd love something where they get together after college, maybe even in the future where Kyle is finally a full-time NHL player -- and maybe that's even somewhere other than Florida and Nick realizes he'd kind of always counted on Kyle being there with him eventually. Or, for established relationship fic, maybe something where Kyle never really makes the NHL, retires early, and has to adjust to living in Nick's house with Nick's stuff while Nick is gone all the time?

Also, I want any and every AU for these crazy kids. What if Nick Bjugstad was a vampire and kind of embarrassed about it? What if Nick is a fairy/elf prince and Kyle is a knight trying to prove that he’s worthy, but Nick doesn’t actually care about any of that? What if they were in SPACE for literally any reason?

Aleksander Barkov/Leon Draisaitl

I will own that this is kind of a crackship -- it all started for me when Sasha started following Leon on instagram and then Leon followed him back not once, but twice. What I'm saying is: I want the thirst follow fic. With that said: I do genuinely enjoy both of these two and think it could be a fun dynamic to play with.

Consider: Sasha talking about nothing but Leon to a long-suffering Jonathan Huberdeau (or Aaron Ekblad), who eventually realizes that Sasha has never actually talked to Leon and conspires with Ryan Nugent-Hopkins (or Connor McDavid) to make that happen. Or: no one knows they're actually dating, they just think it's a thirst follow thing and they're worried.

I'd also love the one about them actually meeting in London at the NHLPA's European player meetings and then kissing. World cup fic would also be fun here, especially given that Finland was expected to do well and didn't at all and Team Europe wasn’t expected to do well and did. (Any and all cameos by Anze Kopitar would be excellent.)

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