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Team USA Exchange 2016 Letter

Dear Author,

Hi! So, first of all, I have a rule I make myself follow for exchange requests: I only request people/ships where I would be delighted with any fic about them I happened to receive, no matter what. As long as my dislikes (listed below) are respected, I'm pretty much good with anything. Have fun! Write the fic you want to see! Don't stress!

Likes & Dislikes

Generally, I can't get enough of: accidentally married, genderswap, fake dating/married, pining, AUs of almost any kind (not coffee shop or academia, I'm open to basically anything else), werewolves, vampires, and soulbonds. I'm a huge speculative fiction fan -- magic! technology that is indistinguishable from magic! magic that pretends to be technology! -- and would love basically any sci-fi/fantasy AU you wanted to write (I like both, especially when they blur together). I really love fics where the central characters seem part of a larger world -- where they have friends outside of their relationship, where they have romantic pasts (please no jealousy about exes), where there's more to think about than just how they feel about each other. I love family, found and otherwise. I also really like coming out stories, whether that's just people telling their friends/family or a public coming out story. (Please don't write me a coming out story if you're straight.)

I have a pretty short list of what I won't read -- infidelity is my hardest no (consensual non-monogamy is great though, seriously) and I hate sad endings. I'm fine if the story is sad for a while (though please, no rape recovery fic), but I want a happy ending. I want everyone to be okay at the end of the story. If you choose to write porn, please don't include daddykink, urine, feces, non-con anything, or humiliation kink.

Seth Jones/Quentin Shore

Childhood best friends who met when they were babies playing hockey and then Seth moved away but they stayed best friends and were eventually reunited at the NDP -- how could I not love this? And then there were the rumors that even though DU is a Shore Family Tradition (their parents met there -- their first date was to a DU hockey game! -- and both his older brothers played there) that Quentin was going to leave for the WHL -- specifically, for Portland! Because Seth was there!!! And then Dater ran that stupid article about how Quentin and Seth were talking about moving in together if Seth got drafted by the Avs and I was done forever.

For a good time, check out these tweets: 1 2 3 4

Here are some thoughts:
  • Write me the AU where Quentin really does leave Denver for Portland because Seth asks him to! How do his brothers react? How does he fit in?

  • I hate the Avs, but also what if Seth did get drafted by the Avs and he and Quentin got a place together? WHAT IF?

  • Fic where after Quentin graduates, he doesn't sign a pro deal and ends up becoming Seth's house husband and having to deal with that.

  • Exactly the same as above, but in this one, they're together and Seth is dating Brandon Saad (or your Blue Jacket of choice). Just, you know, for more relationship negotiation fun and figuring out where everyone stands.

Sena Acolatse/Shane Harper

I always end up falling in love with semi-random AHLers every season and this year was no exception -- these two are spectacular.

Shane Harper is always also there, usually on a line with two people I care about more than I care about him (he keeps ending up with Rau and Grimaldi and at camp he was the third guy on the Rau-Bjugstad line), but I love him. Did you know Wayne Gretzky went to his seventh birthday party? This fact is in basically every article ever written about Shane Harper, the best of which can be found here. Shane's also been super involved in the community in Portland this year and was their nominee for AHL Man of the Year, more on that here.

Where Shane Harper goes, Sena Acolatse will probably also be going. Here is a picture of them signing their contracts for this season together. Please be sure to note Rocco Grimaldi's reply. Where Shane is a reasonably skilled player -- second in scoring for Portland this year! -- Sena is mostly a punchy kind of player, but it works for him. This is a cute article about him growing up in the Bay Area playing hockey.

Both of them ended up in the WHL -- Shane out of California as far as I can tell, Sena out of Edmonton, where his family moved when he was younger -- and that's likely where they met. I'm way more interested in the California part of their story than anything else: give me California boys in love, basically. I have extremely simple desires for this pairing but also I want it very badly.

Oh, and here's the ice bucket challenge video they did together. And here they are dancing with schoolchildren.

Vincent Trocheck/Brandon Saad

I may have been subtle about this up until now, but let me make it clear: I really love when one person convinces the other to come and play with them (as a metaphor for love, obviously). For more on this with Saad and Trocheck, check these links out: 1 2 3 (the first two have more about Tro getting Saad to go to Saginaw, the third one talks about their experiences rooming together at the Combine).

I would love basically any story about them, but would prefer not to read anything featuring the Blackhawks or any of their teammates from Saginaw except for maybe Gregg Sutch, who is perfect. Something with Tro at world juniors while Saad is playing pro hockey without him? Awesome. Something where Saad goes to that miserable world juniors in 2012 and misses Tro (and maybe resents Kyle Rau a little) would be great. Anything dealing with Tro's feelings about Saad winning the Cup twice before he manages to be a truly full time NHLer -- and then going into this season, where he's been just as good as Saad by any measure, if not better.

I've thought a lot about a baseball AU for them and that would be really cool. I also spend a lot of time thinking about future fic -- what if they end up going to Pittsburgh together when they go UFA? What if one of them has to retire early and moves in with the other one? What if they went on some kind of bizarre adventure with some combination of Riley Barber, JT Miller, John Gibson, and Michael Houser.

I have also spent way more time than I should thinking about the story where Tro spends a lot of time fucking around with Alex Galchenyuk (or any of his other friends, but mostly Gally) instead of acknowledging that he's in love with Saad, so, like, that. That would be a nice story.

(Final thought: what if Columbus offer sheets Trocheck this summer?)

Nick Bjugstad/Kyle Rau

I have shipped Nick and Kyle since Kyle was drafted. It's a very real problem in my life. This is, as much as I have ever had one, my hockey OTP, so I may get wordier here than I have with the others. If we matched on something else or you're more inspired there: great! Please stop reading if my ability to ramble endlessly about these two is going to make you think that I don't want the other pairings I requested just as much. I just have five years of feelings here as opposed to some of the others where it's more like five months.

Nick was -- quote -- "all over" Kyle to get him to commit to Minnesota and that is, as established, something I'm super into. I'm also really into how Kyle doesn't kick Nick out of bed for eating crackers in it and how Nick will tell you that Kyle makes him better (and how the numbers look like they back that up oh my god can I get some hockey soulbond fic here already). Anyway, for more details on them, click this link. (It's a year out of date now, but I haven't been able to get up the composure to write about their season so far yet.)

There are so many stories I want for them, so please: write what you want to for them! Write anything that inspires you and I will love it and you forever. But here are a few that I am thinking about a lot lately if you want some ideas:
  • I've actually always been into them soulbonding on purpose and then it being too much. Kyle thinks he can handle it and then he can't? They expect Kyle to have a harder time than Nick but it turns out that Nick's the one who finds out it isn't easy? Do they have to hide it from the team? Does Nick tell the team before Kyle gets drafted and is Kyle always worried it was just the bond that brought him to Florida?

  • I'm currently super into them exploring an open relationship. Does one of them have a hard time adjusting? Is one of them super into hearing about the people the other one sleeps with? (Have you considered: how big of a crush they both have/had on Nick Leddy?) Does Kyle meet someone in Portland and is that weird for Nick when that someone is called up, with or without Kyle? I think a lot about Nick freaking out but: what if Kyle does?

  • One word: vampire Nick Bjugstad. Okay, that's three words, but like: vampire Nick Bjugstad.

  • Hear me out on this one: Nick Leddy. That's it, that's the prompt. Leddy as their mutual ex, threesomes with Leddy that get weird and complicated, both of them having huge crushes on Leddy and bonding over it. Leddy playing matchmaker? Leddy making fun of them while they try to get their shit together? Any of it, I'm here for it.

I also considered requesting these threesomes featuring these two, in case you're interested in writing one of them and want a little about what would interest me particularly:

Jason Zucker - I cannot stop thinking about Kyle's reaction to Nick having hooked up with Zucker at the 2011 WJC. Does he find out when they hook up again in 2012, before Kyle and Nick manage to sort their shit out? Have they already started sleeping together and then try to add Jason in and things get messy? (If you bring up Kyle's hit to Jason's head later that season, I'm okay if Kyle isn't sorry about it, but not okay with it being intentional.) This definitely seems like a one time thing kind of ship but also I'd be super into them figuring out something more long term.

Connor Brickley - Poor Connor has been there through a lot more of the Nick and Kyle story than you might think, given that he is The Most Mass Bro and they are 100% Minnesota (ignoring those first few years of poor Kyle's life when he lived in Illinois). He was Kyle's roommate at the 2009 Ivan Hlinka tournament where Nick recruited Kyle to the University of Minnesota. He was at world juniors with them. And now he's in Portland with Kyle. Outsider POV would be cool here. (Also, consider: Nick hooking up with Connor in Kyle and Connor's room at the Hlinka when he knows Kyle is going to walk in OKAY BYE NOW.)