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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Author,

Hi! I'm so glad we've matched on one of these fandoms -- they are all very special to me! When figuring out my requests for any exchange, I try to only pick things that I would be happy with absolutely anything about -- and for all of these, I truly would be! My public social medial presence is tragically lacking at the moment, alas, but hopefully this is enough for you!

Generally, here are some things I like:
  • Friendship. I don't tend to like fics that focus solely on a single romantic relationship without any sense of there being anyone else who exists in their lives. People generally have communities: show me theirs.

  • Soulbonds. Intentional ones, accidental ones, predestined ones, reluctant ones -- all of the soulmate fics, please thanks. I'm super into soulmarks and destiny; I am a sucker for it.

  • AUs. I like setting changes, I like alternate timelines, I like what ifs. I would prefer not to have setting changes for Elemental Blessings or October Daye -- I'm more in love with the world for those two than the characters, to be completely honest. I'm picky about coffeeshop and academia AUs, but if they're what makes your heart sing: go for it.

  • I'm actually super fond of established relationship fic -- I don't need to see people getting together, but I'm also totally thrilled with first time fic.

  • Quick hits: accidentally married, fake dating/married, pining, ridiculous domesticity, werewolves, magic, superpowers, and epic miscommunications.

Things I'm not as into:
  • Infidelity. There are a few extremely specific scenarios where I can read it, but it's best to just avoid it altogether. (Consensual non-monogamy is great though.)

  • Unrelenting sadness. I want things to be resolved, at least a little. I want everyone to be at least somewhat happy at the end of everything.

  • I would prefer not to receive PWP and am as happy with G-rated fluff as with explicit fic. Seriously, don't feel obligated to write the porn if you don't want to! If you go explicit, I would prefer there not to be rimming because it just does not work for me.

  • Anything centered on Christmas. I am broken up with Christianity and Christmas in particular is very fraught for me and not something I would like to see.

  • Character death, particularly of parents. (I know the first Elemental Blessings book opens with this, but I found it difficult enough to get through that.)

Elemental Blessings - Sharon Shinn - Any

Welce is my favorite world Shinn has created. I love the religions she creates generally and I love Welce's particularly -- I'm a sucker for elemental magic and significant numbers. I find the random blessings fascinating, the way people fit and don't fit theirs. (I loved when Corene decided she wanted Josetta to draw her new blessings -- it's not done, but some people do it anyway!) I went with no characters on this one, because I would be happy with more of just about anyone or original characters to explore something the books haven't. Josetta is my favorite if I have to pick one, closely followed by Zoe and Corene.

Before I knew anything about these books, the friend who told me to read them said that it was Shinn's first novel with an actual queer couple in it and that was super exciting -- I'd love to see more queer couples (we've had books about a coru woman and an elay woman and we're getting one about a sweela woman -- what about a torz woman and a hunti woman?) or something with Jaker and Barlow. I loved getting to see the Lalinder family seat in book one and I would love to see more of it or of the homes of the other primes, the ways in which the elements are woven into them.

October Daye Series - Seanan McGuire - Jasmine "Jazz" Patel

The supporting cast and the world are frequently what I'm drawn to in books and that definitely remains true for this series. I especially love the little glimpses we get of May and Jazz, of how fiercely and easily they love each other. I want to know so much more about Jazz and the raven-men and raven-maids. We know May well enough, we see a lot of her, but sometimes Jazz feels like just an accessory to May, another thing that sets her apart from Toby rather than an actual character in her own right, and I'd love fic that really brings her out, that shows her perspective on the chaos of Toby (and therefore May)'s life.

What is her life like when she's not around Toby's gang? What is the magic of the Raven-maids like, beyond just the fact of them being skinshifters? We know that Jazz didn't mind at all that May was a death omen -- but how did that conversation go? Everything in the May/Jazz tag is May's POV -- Jazz's POV would be really great for this. I feel like I have less to say about this than about my other requests because it boils down to: Jazz's inner life, maybe Jazz/May, just JAZZ.

Raven Cycle - Maggie Stiefvater - Richard Gansey III

Gansey is the kind of character where my love for him is genuinely embarrassing. Shameful confession: I was gone on him from the moment he said, "That's all there is." My favorite thing about Gansey is how much he loves everyone. His utter devotion to his friends, the way he would do anything for them and just wishes they would let him, makes my heart sing. I love his obsession with Glendower -- I am That Medievalist who started with Arthur, so I devoured every bit of his quest and would really enjoy more of the early stages of it, leads that don't pan out, bringing the other boys into the loop, and so on. This is the fandom I'm most down for AU things for: I want to see things like werewolf Gansey and rule 63 Gansey and, like, vampire Gansey would be kind of weird but if you can pull it off, also awesome?

I'd love something with Helen, who would likely be my favorite character if I wasn't stupidly far gone on Gansey -- see above about how supporting characters/settings tend to be my favorite parts of books. I love Gansey/Blue desperately -- their phone calls and careful touching are kryptonite for me -- and knew I was doomed for the pairing from the end of the first chapter. (I really like doomed love affairs, it's a thing.) With that said, I truly am fond of every other permutation of the OT5 -- Gansey/Adam in particular, Gansey's utter devotion to him and Adam's utter discomfort with that is incredible for me, but seriously, Gansey/Ronan, Gansey/Noah, Gansey/Ronan/Noah, anything. (Ronan/Gansey fake dating to make Blue and/or Adam jealous and that resolving into an OT3 or OT4 situation? Yes. Please.) That said, seriously, anything featuring the five of them. I'd love for all five to be very present in the fic, regardless of the shipping, because they are all so important to each other and that is so important to me. I do not want to read anything featuring Kavinsky, particularly if it includes him as a sympathetic character.

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