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Hockey Holidays Dear Author Letter

Dear Author,

Hi! I'm super easy to please, especially if you're writing one of these magnificent things I've requested. I talk a lot in this letter, but I always try to request things for exchanges where anything about them would delight me, so do as much or as little with this letter as works best for you!

Things I like:
  • Florida. This should be fairly obvious given my requests, but I really do love Florida, especially Southeast Florida. I'd love something with a strong sense of place, but I'm pretty easy to please about Florida as long as there's an affection for it (I know it's hot and humid; I love that it's hot and humid) and the geography is mostly right (the Panthers play in Sunrise, they fly into Fort Lauderdale, and Miami is not the same thing).

  • Relationships outside of the central relationship -- exes, friends, enemies. I like how large and even kind of random the cast can be in hockey and I love love love when that's played with. I am not super into stories that are just the central couple and no one else.

  • Romantic relationships that aren't forever. I love when the central characters have breakups in the past, with each other or with other people, and that comes up. (I don't love jealousy about exes.) I'm even happy if most of the pairings I've requested don't end up together at the end of the fic, as long as they end up happy, with the exception of Pirri/Smith.

  • Coming out stories, whether publicly or just to a few people, about someone's sexuality or about their relationship, are something I love.

  • There is honestly nothing I don't love about Rule 63 fic -- there are a lot of problems with it, but it is also instant catnip for me.

  • More generally, here are some things I'm into: accidentally married, fake dating/married, pining, AUs of almost any kind (not coffee shop or academia), werewolves, soulbonds, superpowers, and epic miscommunications.

  • I want to repeat fake dating, actually. Fake dating forever. Even fake dating where the fake daters end up with other people, that is EXTRA awesome fake dating. (Fake dating where they end up staying together and also dating other people? JUST AS GOOD.)

Things I Don't Like:
  • Infidelity. There are a few extremely specific scenarios where I can read it, but it's best to just avoid it altogether. (Consensual non-monogamy is great though.)

  • Unrelenting sadness. I want things to be resolved, at least a little. I want everyone to be at least somewhat happy at the end of everything.

  • I would prefer not to receive PWP and am as happy with G-rated fluff as with explicit fic. Seriously, don't feel obligated to write the porn if you don't want to! If you go explicit, I would prefer there not to be rimming because it just does not work for me.

  • Anything centered on Christmas. I am broken up with Christianity and Christmas in particular is very fraught for me and not something I would like to see.

1. Jonathan Huberdeau/Ryan Nugent-Hopkins

Jonathan Huberdeau is my favorite hockey player and I am coming to terms with the terrible things that says about me. I love what a little shit he is and particularly what a little shit he was to Nuge at the 2013 WJC. (Specifically: "he's lucky to get to play with me" and his "eh, it's not that hard, I could have done it again if I had wanted to" response to Nuge's five point game on Boxing Day -- coincidentally a year after Huby's own five point WJC game.) I would love something set at that 2013 WJC, especially if it dealt with the frustration they both had to have been feeling re: injuries/Huby's suspension/the lockout/losing to Team USA/etc.

Beyond the 2013 WJC, though, there are a million things that would make me happy to read about them. Draft shenanigans, offseason shenanigans, recovering from their summer of 2013 surgeries together, Huby being an ass about winning the Calder after Nuge didn't, threesomes with Landeskog or Scheifele (or anyone, tbh) ... whatever your heart desires, my heart probably desires it as well.

2. Aleksander Barkov/Aaron Ekblad

OH gosh. I am so unbearably fond of these precious children who are so wise beyond their years on the ice and probably so, so dumb off the ice. I was hooked -- probably from the time Barkov tweeted, "I will change that!" about how Ekblad isn't super into/good at video games and definitely from this incident onwards.

I love how they both seem to shy a little away from the spotlight -- Barkov obviously so, Ekblad less so with his, "good, let McDavid have the spotlight, I don't want it," quotes and talking about how thankful he's been to be able to learn and grow in Florida and not in, say, Edmonton.

There is nothing I wouldn't love for this -- mindless fluff, rooming together, post-victory celebrations (or more likely post-loss consolations), finding each other on tinder at home or at worlds or on the road and going for it, something dealing with the pressure they're both under and how maybe it's easier that they have to do it together, whatever.

3. Brandon Pirri/Reilly Smith

Best friends who end up playing for the same team, whether accidentally or on purpose, is bulletproof for me. Brandon Pirri had such a rough season last year between the unending healthy scratches and the injuries that it's pretty nice that the big move of the summer was to get Smith for him. They apparently play rock, paper, scissors to see who has to help the other with his skates after practice and I find that disgustingly adorable.

Smith moved in with Pirri upon his arrival in Florida and I'd love something playing with that, either the adjustment process or pure domestic fluff. While I'm totally okay with sad things happening to almost everyone else I've requested, Brandon Pirri only deserves nice things and I would not like to read him being sad. (I would totally like to read about his teammates teasing him though.)

4. Aleksander Barkov/Leon Draisaitl this one time, Sasha Barkov thirst followed Leon Draisaitl on instagram and Leon has followed him back twice and I have no explanation but I super want the thirst follow fic, especially if it includes Ekblad and McDavid being horrified by how they don't talk, they just occasionally like each others' photos. (Also all that stuff comparing Draisaitl to Barkov around the time of Draisaitl's draft is super great for me in that it's wrong as shit but hilarious in retrospect given the recent thirst following.) I would be super okay with something more gen that just has them meeting and befriending each other -- at the European NHLPA meetings last summer in London, at the world juniors they were both at, whatever.

5. Nick Bjugstad/Vincent Trocheck

Tall perfect angel Nick Bjugstad and tiny douchey asshole Vince Trocheck: the greatest friendship ever to happen to me. Both of them are so important to me and them smiling at each other is probably the sort of thing that will help us get around to the whole world peace thing one day. Bjugs being responsible for driving Trocheck places and presumably taking care of him during his first call up is great for me. For specific settings, something after the win last year in Calgary where Trocheck found out he was playing when he was still in the cab on the way to the rink, maybe? Hurt/comfort featuring Nick's back injury would also be stellar, as would anything set now that Tro's finally really made the team. Or something to do with Worlds 2014, which Tro went to and Bjugs turned down (because he loves his mom more than he loves America). Also of interest to me: their friendships with Brandon Saad and Nick Leddy, specifically in the context of Saad/Leddy. (And, like, always and forever, jokes about Nick Bjugstad being into short gritty Americans is ace.)

6. Jack Eichel/Noah Hanifin

Noah talking about how Jack makes him better ruined me. It absolutely devastated me. I really love that they are sometimes teammates and sometimes rivals and always friends. I'd really enjoy something set at the draft or after the draft while they were training together (and with Charlie Coyle and (sometimes) Mikey Matheson and Patrice Bergeron and the Hayes brothers and Keith Yandle and CONNOR BRICKLEY and and and), though something set in the midst of the BC-BU rivalry would also be fantastic. I'm way, way more interested in the BC guys, particularly Matheson, McCoshen, and Demko than in any of the BU guys other than Jack, so that would be my preference for ensemble characters if you go the college route. World juniors would also be great. Anything would be great.

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