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Twenty years ago today, the storm that was supposed to be the worst storm in any of our lifetimes hit Florida. I don't remember Andrew actually hitting, but I grew up looking at pictures of the destruction and hearing stories about the way everyone came together and why we hate That Damn Weatherman (long story short: Andrew was partially as devastating as he was because he jogged at the last minute, right after a weatherman gestured in a way that indicated the path he would turn and take, he's basically the Bartman of Miami) and I remember how long it took to recover. But we did. Twenty years, Miami, and we're still standing. ♥

Speaking of Miami, I'm going home in two weeks now instead of in a month! Because I'm a mess and having pretty awful nightmares, egged on by some personal stuff and obviously dissertation stress and homesickness, and my grandfather's getting worse and I can't cope with that at all. I keep calling home partially in tears and yesterday I ended up sobbing outside the library because the entire world sucks sometimes. On the other hand, my dissertation status is actually a lot better than it was a week ago. I may have a couple of nights of no sleep over the next week, but it will get done and then I will go home. It's also that time of year where I can't stop thinking about my dad, which makes everything terrible for about a month. Okay, this is enough of that.

This video of Huberdeau, Landeskog, and Nuge pretty much sums up my opinions on the three of them. HUBERDEAU AND SOME GUYS I'VE NEVER HEARD OF. From your mouth to the hockey gods' ears, child. But no, mostly I would read the shit out of that OT3, because why do I care if Huberdeau Being Weird isn't involved? Apparently, at the Octagon hockey camp, the forwards were all fighting over who got to play with Huberdeau. Allan Walsh's twitter is kind of the best right now because he's as in love with Huberdeau as I'm hoping to get to be this season, FUCK LOCKOUTS.

I think that's all I have to say. I will have a life outside of my dissertation again in exactly a week. It's going to be great. I will be 1000% less crazy.

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