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Angela ([personal profile] candesco) wrote2012-08-14 09:50 am

i can always find my cuban skies in rosalinda's eyes

The best thing about last night: when T tried to convince me that Canada's baby hockey players are better off than the ones who go to the States to go to university in terms of getting an education. I had to explain how Ebs can't spell banana. Amazing times; I'm going to miss these assholes. The best thing about this week, however, is Booth's pet pig.

Dammit, I had just decided I might not be as invested in him as I was ten months ago. And I clearly still am because I lost my mind when these pictures showed up. HIS TINY PIG AND HIS HAPPY FACE!

I am writing things and it is great! Not so great: one of those things is because Animals (yes, the Nickelback song about getting caught going down on a girl) is Kulikov's theme song (I love how he clearly knows exactly what he's saying) and so I've been listening to that way more than I should, which has somehow led to my really wanting the Cam Ward/EStaal fic where Eric tells Cam all these stories about his sex life and then they all turn out to just be things out of Nickelback songs and then Cam realizes it and is really judgey and then they bone. That isn't the most embarrassing sentence I've ever typed, but it's got to be close.

To completely change the subject, my dissertation is going okay. I met with my supervisor last thing on Friday and the draft to be proofread should be going to my sisters sometime next week, oh my god. This huge massive thing that has consumed most of the past year of my life is so close to done. I'm going to have so much separation anxiety over it, I know because I'm already thinking about PhD programs because I don't want to stop, but the last thing I want to do right now is continue. So, this'll be fun.

Okay, this needs to end on a happy note because "what the fuck am I doing with my life" is stressing me out too much. Here is my current favorite picture of Ellerby. Highlights include a dog that has been pasted on, his horrible floral swim trunks, and oh god, he does look a little like Shane Doan, I just don't usually see it because I'm too distracted by his seriously busted nose/atrocious facial hair/taste in baseball teams.