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Missy Franklin: proud American. Sorry, Canada!

Amazing thing of joy: In the wake of a lot of recent changes in conservative Christian circles (it may not look it from the Chik-fil-A kerfuffle, but it's happening -- most significantly: Chicago's Marin Foundation, founded by a conservative Christian struggling with homophobia who decided to go make friends with the gay community and is now working to build bridges between said gay community and the conservative Christian community; I'm not 100% behind him, but I like what he's trying to do), Alan Chambers (the president of Exodus International, notorious for the ex-gay iPhone app) had this to say: "We are no longer an organization that associates with or promotes therapeutic practices that focus on changing one’s attraction." It's a baby step. (May letter, June letter. I expect most of you will disagree, as I do, with the idea that what he refers to as SSA (same-sex attraction, god forbid we call it homosexuality, but I do understand the reasoning and am down for trying to explain why they do it if you want) is a problem, but I love the stand he's taking and I don't care how much of a baby step it is, this is huge for Exodus and huge for conservative Christians in America.

Speaking of people who are into other people of the same sex, I'm currently shipping &ERIN CAFARO; (she's bow for the USA women's eight, so I'm majorly biased in her favor automatically -- bow side, bow, American, rower, lady, yes please) and her (rowing) partner (technically ex? America tried Erin with someone else at Worlds to see if they could beat someone, but decided to bring them back in the big boat, where she's still behind Susan), Susan Francia. Mostly because of this quote: "There were some days when we came off the water and were frustrated with each other and we were actually wrestling in the Princeton boathouse." Everyone in fandom knows what wrestling leads to, okay.

Also, Susan is just great. "After we won [in Beijing], I was so excited I forgot one of the lines in the national anthem and made up for it by crying." And she wants to be an FBI agent when she retires from rowing, lives off ice cream in the summer because you lose so much bodyweight on the water and racing, aaaaand one of her hobbies is laundry. Laundry.

This boat doesn't lose, btw. They're the current world record holders and USA is also the Olympic record holder. Canada can suck it! (Canada and the USA are the only women's eights who will definitely be in the final, the repechage tomorrow determines the other boats. Canada technically qualified faster, but I think USA probably relaxed at the end of their race, since they won by a commanding six seconds, which happily means they should have more in the tank than Canada for the final! Also, their best time as a crew, which happens to be that world record, was maybe twenty seconds faster than Canada's winning time in the heats, so it's all good.)

ALSO THERE WERE CRABS WHILE I WAS WATCHING THE ROWING THIS MORNING, but since they didn't have a camera on the crew that caught it (New Zealand, who were at the time I think fourth in the quad sculls?), I didn't get to see it. Which is for the best, I guess, as crabs are awful when you like the boat, but hilarious when you don't, and also the cameras weren't on them because they were on my true love, USA rowing, who caught the other crab, which landed them three lengths back of the field, but they closed to within a quarter length by the end. I'M SO PROUD OF THEM, even if they ended up not qualifying for the final. (It was a repechage where everyone except the slowest boat qualified, but America was that slowest boat due to crabbing, so they'll go in the consolation final and can't medal.)

Uh, also, crabs are when you fuck up and your blade gets sucked under the water and it can knock you out of the boat, though it has to be particularly nasty to do that. It also totally fucks your boat's speed, but I know a men's eight who were so far ahead of their next fastest competition that two crabs in rapid succession didn't change their finish in the last bumps race I was at.

Okay, pictures now.

Susan Francia! ♥ This is one of the AMAZING photos from a shoot of her by this photographer, who also has a gorgeous shoot on her site with Misty May.

Check that tan line! Rowing tans are the best/worst, as in I'm really into them and they're really horrible reminders of the unfortunate nature of lycra.

Oh, she pushes you hard for a few more thrusts when you can't feel your legs, Erin? I SEE. >:) (The amount they must've worked to make sure you can't see her unisuit tan, oh man, I'm so thrilled by that.)

After that win. Exhausted and happy and WINNING. This is the one in 2009 when they beat the Romanian pair (who won gold in Beijing) at worlds.

Their height difference is probably more interesting when you know that Erin is a perfectly average-sized rower at 5'9". Susan is really tall.

she's so LONG, it's amazing. When she walked on to the tryouts for the team, her future teammates apparently salivated over her legs, as they should.

Bonus Erin checking out their cox. Rower/cox should always be a thing when one is into size differences, as I am. (The cox is tiny because they need to add as little weight to the boat as possible, which is why Merlin would never be the cox for the Boat Race.)

And back to Susan, whom I love more and also the one with more pictures.

seriously rower bodies. (her unisuit tan is a little more obvious here. heyyyyy.)

I was so utterly delighted by their glasses when I was watching the American men's four and quad (uh, the difference is that in a four, there are four oars, two on each side, and in an quad, there are eight oars, two for each rower) that I had to go find a picture. America! ♥

Ariel Suarez and Cristian Rosso are Argentina's men's double scullers and in their heat, they almost won, which would've meant beating New Zealand and I think Great Britain? I was watching for New Zealand, who ended up winning, but only after a final push to the end. Suarez has much fluffier hair now, but I can't find a picture of that in casual googling, so it's not here.

Uh, in case it wasn't obvious, I'm working on rowing AU again. It could potentially be finished on the train up to Manchester tomorrow to see the USWNT, which would be nice. I need to shuffle things around, though, because I've realized Kopecky should really be the Blackhawk who catches an ejector crab and my current lineup has him not in their boat. Luckily, typing is almost painless now, so in between edits, that is what I will do! \o/

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