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Life sucks because I can't do anything without my right hand, whine whine whine WHINE. (I have half use of it, but it's actually slower for me to type with one and a half hands than one-handed. Sigh. I can type on my phone, at least, because that doesn't use the fingers I can't use normally anyway, but it's next to impossible to edit my dissertation on my phone and that's what I really need to be doing right now.)

All I want from the Olympics is to watch America do things and it's very difficult. :( The internet here is falling to pieces, so the BBC feeds are less than great, and therefore I can only watch their terrestrial coverage (which is apparently what we're calling it? idk, man, kids these days, get off my lawn, etc.), which has meant watching swimming trials this morning when there were women's eights doing things. At least they mixed in a little dressage coverage and I managed to get the stream to work for Dutton's test, though it did what it wanted, which was to hang in several places. Hopefully either it will work better tomorrow or there will be coverage of the cross-country in the MCR.

Yesterday, A and I spent the day watching things together. She threw her shoe at my head when I cheered for Denmark semi-randomly and then the Danish swimmer beat the Canadian one. And then we had milkshakes and then this morning, we tried to catch some rowing and couldn't and then she had to leave and I am LOST without her. LOST! Who will make me play Call Me Maybe on my cellphone during the men's floor routines now that she's gone? :(

I haven't found my bizarre fling sport for this year yet, but I have fallen madly in love with all the New Zealand rowers. I don't know what I'll do when I catch a race when they're against America, probably sob and feel guilty about something. And then cheer for America forever! \o/ What a country! (I also cheer for Israel and sometimes Italy and Not Canada.)