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Angela ([personal profile] candesco) wrote2012-07-19 09:33 pm

how about that shea weber? fucking hell.

send help, SOMEONE made me think too much about Booth/Richards(/Carter). and now I can't stop thinking about Booth getting really frustrated and shoving Richie after game five because he's just played with the best linemates he's ever played with and he still didn't manage to score in the playoffs and scoring's what he does and three years ago, he would have and fuck Richie and fuck the Kings. And Richie's not into being shoved around, but he kind of understands that's what Booth needs out of him and he rolls with it. He pushes back, obviously, and they push each other around and then awkward boners and awkward boning (probably while Jeff Carter jerks off over Richie getting pushed around).

Possibly less horrible stuff: I've been having anxiety attacks on and off all day because I haven't heard back from my supervisor and I just want him to either say "no, it's too late to give you comments, sorry" (I ended up a couple of days late sending it to him) or "yes, here are the things you need to change, CRAZY, stop being a lunatic, you'll be fine." because oh man have I been crazy at him this year and oh man do I need to hear that I'll be fine.

This is an okay article about a really awesome student athlete at UVA. It is also hugely racist in places and has no idea about modern activism in sports, so prepare for some what the fuckery, but -- it does explain why in the next few years, I intend to be teaching at the high school I would've gone to had my grandparents not intervened in my family's life.
In a world where people are starving while others are making millions of dollars a year, it's about the will to change it. It's about people who don't care. At the core of all great injustice is greed. It's not an American problem. It's a human problem. If my mother hadn't gotten housing vouchers after my father left and moved us in to a neighborhood with a high school that really cared about its students, it likely would have turned out very bad for me. The teachers in my previous school system were unqualified and unhappy people. How are you going to go to college attending schools like that? That's not a merit system. That's chance.

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