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Angela ([personal profile] candesco) wrote2012-07-15 10:40 pm

"[ladd] should hook up with the guy from fifty shades of grey"

My life is nothing but working on my dissertation until I can't think anymore (I need to have a draft to my supervisor sometime tomorrow because there's less than seven weeks left until I submit, ahhhh!) and then going home and drinking wine while watching crappy TV. It's super boring, basically, but there are exciting things in the works!

Two weeks from Tuesday, I'm going to go see the USWNT crush North Korea and it's going to be AWESOME. Speaking of, just in general? FUCK YEAH THE OLYMPICS ARE COMING (to a place a couple hours away from me and therefore not actively interfering in my daily life, sry Londoners). I plan on WATCHING EVERYTHING while editing my dissertation. And then, in September, traveling around, which will be sussed out in the course of the next couple of weeks, fingers crossed, and then home just in time for the preseason if there is one and if there isn't, well, Best Bro and I will have more monies for gas to go to Estero and Orlando when we need our hockey fix. As long as the Kings still come to Sunrise once the season happens, I'm good. I could use a good mass booing of Mike Richards. (ALSO IN TIME FOR THE POSTSEASON, IF MIRACLES HAPPEN. but they won't, especially with Giancarlo sidelined.)

Ugh, okay, back to work now. :| Expect a post soon omg with nothing but "IT IS FUCKING FINISHED" and then I might try and be generally entertaining again. I plan on spending a day or two after I finish the draft working on some of the stuff I've got half done (current contents of my googledocs that might get finished by the time I'm back in Florida: PK/Carey that's mostly just Carey losing his mind over PK and Ellerby having hooked up at selection camp, Hallsy/Ebs hanging out on Florida beaches last March, and a few thousand words of Grimaldi/Huberdeau soulbonding which I can't even be ashamed of because it makes me super happy), so that will be fun. Or something.