Dec. 10th, 2012

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...whoa, it's been almost two months! Hello, internet. In summary:

I got a job, then the family exploded all over the place with drama, then my hours got cut dramatically (I went from 3 days a week to 'whenever someone calls out'), then I ended up super depressed, and now I'm helping my sister pack and working to find a job somewhere else, but whatever happens, E and I are going to be living together or both have awesome jobs in geographically incompatible places come February and that's awesome.

For a change of subject, my sister has, for the past year or so, been obsessed with bra sizing and it's kind of darling. She's working towards opening up a store of her very own, and she's also been fitting me right now. I may have cried today. )

I need to go to bed now so that I can do a ton of work in the morning and make some money. (I'm writing up some curriculum for work because they feel bad about taking away all of my hours and I told them in that conversation that I'm interested in pursuing a career in curriculum development because it's fun.) I also need to finish clearing through my things so that I can hopefully pack all of my stuff into a car and go as soon as I find employment. (I'm only applying to jobs outside of Miami because as much as I needed to be home, I need to not be around the family drama at this point. Also because there's nothing that fits both my qualifications and my salary requirements in order to be able to make rent/eat food/have internet access.)


candesco: Bow, two, and three of a boat and some flowers. (Default)

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