Oct. 16th, 2012

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So, uh, hi. I haven't updated since I submitted! Here are things that are happening:

1. Unemployment, oh my god. It's awesome on the one hand, because I'm spending tons of time with my sister and my niece and nephew, who will hopefully not be here much longer, but terrible on the other because I won't know anything about the job I want MOST until December at the earliest, so I'm currently lining up volunteer work while I wait and praying an awful lot.

2. Hockey hangs! Best Bro and I drove to see the infant Hurricanes/Lightning/Wild in Estero a week and a half ago and we're going all the way to Orlando to see them again this weekend. And then driving straight back home because Versteeg's dropping the puck for U hockey on Sunday! And a week from Friday, JOVOCOP DROPS THE PUCK WHERE HE PRACTICED WHEN HE WAS A ROOKIE. JOVOOOOOOO.

3. Graduating! In absentia, which sucks because it means no seeing Jess/Jessica/Sarah/Hannah/uni people, but my mom told me she'd put the money we'd have spent on going towards a new car for me instead (I may or may not be getting a Miata; it's going to be AWESOME if it does end up happening) and that's well worth it. I got perfectly respectable marks and I have a master's degree! In ... medieval history, so completely useful.

4. Vaguely writing? I meant not to start anything new until I've cleared some of what I need to work on out of the way, but then there was bed-sharing and that's a thing. I've sworn to myself that I will finish the goddamn Carey/PK before porn happens in bed-sharing, but I've also sworn to write bed-sharing alongside the OHL season until it reaches a logical conclusion, so there's that.

5. Went to the Dolphins game on Sunday. Bawled. Got a sunburn for only the fifth time ever. Bawled some more. Saw Jason Taylor and Zach Thomas have their names put on the Honor Roll in Joe Robbie. Really missed my dad, with whom I went to my last Dolphins game back when they retired Marino's number. My throat has only just recovered and my shoulders feel like they never will because of sunburn, but my sister is supposed to get me aloe tomorrow so that will help.


candesco: Bow, two, and three of a boat and some flowers. (Default)

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