Jul. 30th, 2012

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Amazing thing of joy: Exodus International changed their mind about conversion therapy. )

Speaking of people who are into other people of the same sex, I'm currently shipping &ERIN CAFARO; (she's bow for the USA women's eight, so I'm majorly biased in her favor automatically -- bow side, bow, American, rower, lady, yes please) and her (rowing) partner (technically ex? America tried Erin with someone else at Worlds to see if they could beat someone, but decided to bring them back in the big boat, where she's still behind Susan), Susan Francia. Mostly because of this quote: "There were some days when we came off the water and were frustrated with each other and we were actually wrestling in the Princeton boathouse." Everyone in fandom knows what wrestling leads to, okay.

More rowing babbling! )

Okay, pictures now.

Susan and Erin (including Susan's Body issue picture, so nudity) and then a couple pictures of male rowers I've enjoyed! )

Uh, in case it wasn't obvious, I'm working on rowing AU again. It could potentially be finished on the train up to Manchester tomorrow to see the USWNT, which would be nice. I need to shuffle things around, though, because I've realized Kopecky should really be the Blackhawk who catches an ejector crab and my current lineup has him not in their boat. Luckily, typing is almost painless now, so in between edits, that is what I will do! \o/


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