Jul. 26th, 2012

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I cut my finger on a broken glass in the sink two nights ago. (WASH YOUR FUCKING DISHES, ASSHOLES. AND DON'T PUT BROKEN SHIT IN THE SINK.) And oh man, as a particularly squeamish person, I didn't need to know that much about the anatomy of my finger. There's a reason I'm a historian and not a biologist. I now have two stitches in it and a hilarious story about my complete ineptness at life to go with "the time I destroyed my ankle going down the stairs" and "the time I got a concussion from turning left."

I had other stuff to talk about, but it's all kind of dumb and horrible and mostly amounts to how extremely bored I've been since I only have partial use of my right hand right now and thus can't do anything productive or interesting. I'm getting used to typing without that half of my right hand, but it's not fun and I'm cranky and Hanley's a Dodger, which is deeply upsetting to my sensibilities even as I want him the hell away from Miami because he should've been run out of town the second he insulted Jeff Conine. >:(

Ugh, and Twitter is down and I have a headache and this was definitely one of those days I shouldn't have bothered with. But my supervisor gave me really fantastic notes and now I know how to edit what I'm doing into a thing that will make sense, maybe, and then I shall be able to tell people I have a master's from a prestigious university that has nothing to do with what I'm going to actually do for the rest of my life. AWESOME.



candesco: Bow, two, and three of a boat and some flowers. (Default)

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