Jun. 2nd, 2012

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Maja pointed out that I haven't been updating about my life nearly enough and she's probably right, so here you are, this is where my life stands.

State of the Angie. )

This was a several hundred word long rant about why Ellerby's current situation sucks ASS, he's approximately a thousand times better than "Florida's healthy scratch" sounds, and he needs to be traded immediately, complete with quotes from Mike Santos, whose job is to serve as Dale's brain. You're welcome for NOT exposing you to that degree of crazy, because I do try to keep that one contained. Best Bro will be here soon, I will just shove stats at her and yell and then we'll talk about how much Mike Richards SUCKS and maybe there'll still be hockey to watch and go "WE CAN'T CHEER FOR ANYONE" and then I'll feel a lot better.

I wrote a thing! I wrote it ages ago, but couldn't finish the rest in time for posting (even with the deadline being pushed back to tomorrow, which it hadn't been when it was time for me to go the fuck to sleep, since I'm off to spend some time with Sarah), so you only get the sad part. I'll bring this home to you, Booth/Weiss, 1k.

Coming soon: a list of ten things I like about England. Hey, I came up with seven things I like about Mike Richards for R's birthday, I CAN DO ANYTHING. Because I feel bad about how much I whine about how terrible this country is. It's just because I'm homesick in this sort of desperately tragic way that I hate myself for.


candesco: Bow, two, and three of a boat and some flowers. (Default)

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