May. 30th, 2012

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I was a fucking wreck this morning (and kind of still am) because -- twenty wins for the Marlins in May, with a game to go, and the record was nineteen, set in August of 1997 during their first improbable run to winning the World Series. Ew, feelings. Baseball/uncle-related. )

I was going to do work tonight (my focus was shot during my usual working hours, so I only got about 50 words written and I'm supposed to be doing 500 a day to get a draft done this term), but instead I've spent my time thinking about tidying my room, listening to Jennifer Knapp's "fuck you, I'm coming out" album, and finishing my [ profile] hockeyrarepairs fic. If anyone wants to read over that before I post it (it's just over 1k, maybe 1.5 if I add back the stuff I'm thinking I might, and almost entirely Booth and Weiss crying over how horrible it is that Booth has to play in Vancouver), that would be awesome. :D?

I had something else to talk about, but I'm pretty sure it was me being crazy about the popular "definition" of alcoholism (Patrick Kane: probably not an actualfax alcoholic, but might be able to use some of what you get out of rehab, as long as it's his choice to go, but most people could use that, so whatever), terrible hockey bloggers (oh lord, your sexism/stupidity is showing, Rat Trick writers), and/or fishing (don't get me started), so it's probably best I go to sleep instead.


candesco: Bow, two, and three of a boat and some flowers. (Default)

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