May. 7th, 2012

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1. [ profile] doctor_denmark and [ profile] jess_darkwater came to visit on Saturday. It was awesome. I have never talked so much about Jordan Eberle in my life!

2. People who have scored three goals on the powerplay against the Devils this postseason: Florida's ex-Blackhawks, Stephen Weiss, and the entire Flyers roster. I can't even look at Claude Giroux anymore.

3. This was originally about how fucked Slovakia is if they can't be better ASAP, because I don't think they'd qualify if they had to do it during the NHL season. No Chara, lots of problems. And then they beat America, because they suck and are the worst and it's not like Kopecky even DID anything. Score more goals with your pants, Kopy. At least those are hilarious!

4. If you're ever seated next to me at a dinner party, do yourself a favor and don't ask me for my opinion on gay marriage or educational justice. Thankfully, the woman I sat with at formal hall tonight didn't seem to mind how many thoughts I had, but good lord are there a lot of them. Whatever, she asked for it.

5. IT'S JESSICA'S BIRTHDAY. In celebration, I'm going to bed. But happy birthday, boo, I love you and I'll buy your birthday present between now and next time I see you. You're going to love it. It's one of the things I bought my mom for mother's day. SNAP.

6. Dissertation is 20% done. Party time is not quite yet -- but A and I are having a red wine, Japanese food, and dissertation party on Saturday, mostly to check and see if I can have red wine. Fucking migraine diets.

7. I just like the number seven. And dudes who wear it. Especially when their initials are DK or they have good chemistry with a dude with those initials.

Good night. ♥


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