Apr. 8th, 2012

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So not only is my team in the playoffs, but they won the division for the first time! Last night was also just a really great game from them and it was the note I think everyone wanted them to end on. They played good old fashioned Panther hockey -- kick ass and score some goals while flying high and then shut it down like it's 1995. Jovo and Murph know how we do. I'm kind of insanely confident right now!

I can't stop looking at this gif. Weiss is so proud and happy! Matthias is playing with his hero and getting told he did well! I love them. And I love that, if nothing else, we get at least four extra games this season. And man, all of our holdovers hate DeBoer, except maybe Weiss, and Clemmer has an ax to grind with Jersey. But more than any of that, if one of our D goes down and Ellerby plays? Uh, expect us to get more than a bag of pucks for him in the off-season because he will be motivated like hell against Jersey. I think he hates DeBoer more than Vokoun does and DeBoer is why Vokoun is -- I was going to say in Washington, but nope. He's back in South Florida for the playoffs because of his decaying groin. SUCK IT, VOKOUN!

A and I leveled up in soulmatehood last night/this morning. cut for vomit )

Okay, I'm going to go ... either outline the rowing AU I somewhat accidentally started the other day, contemplate writing things that aren't horribly irrelevant to everyone else's interests, or watch more Friday Night Lights, which I've been meaning to watch for forever. I'm a little mad at it because there was a one-off line early on that seemed to be INSULTING MIAMI FOOTBALL, WHICH IS THE GREATEST FOOTBALL OF ALL, but it's been nice and enjoyable to watch while sick. Probably going to the doctor (again) tomorrow if I can figure out where to go now that it's not term time and I can't just wander over to the college doctor. My life is so hard with this free health care.


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