Feb. 4th, 2012

candesco: jacob markstrom behind a jason taylor dummy (goalie of the future)
Beautiful goal, Weisser. Next time, try staying on your feet while you score.

In related news, HOW ABOUT THAT KRIS VERSTEEG'S RAGEON FOR THE JETS? If he played all 82 games against them, he would have a 164 point season at this pace. HORRIFYING. FOR THEM. AND THE WORLD. Also his brother apparently went down for the All-Star Break to go see Zac Brown Band with him and they got the flu (which the worst reporter ever is busy implying may have been food poisoning) instead. Well played, Versteegs. Totally valid life choice and Kopy was GREAT on our top line. (I can hear you laughing about them playing on our top line, Chicago fans, shut up. Huberdeau is coming and he will make you all weep with his beauty moves and ugly face.)

Anyway, I accidentally a primer, which is pretty unpolished and unsourced and mostly braindumping about my team, but it's there now. Go read it or just come talk to me about how Jacob Markstrom and Keith Seabrook go grocery shopping together. The Seabrook family: painfully domestic, even with people they met like three months ago.

I need to go do some laundry and some actual work now, but you all should vote in the polls here and here and NOT VOTE FOR TIM CAHILL BECAUSE A VOTE FOR TIM CAHILL IS A VOTE FOR TERRORISM!!!!


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