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Angela ([personal profile] candesco) wrote2012-07-04 10:39 pm

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Ellerby retweeted a thing that just said "@CP0031 so hot" and then I exploded because that's what I do pretty much any time he tweets about Carey. It's been a good couple of days with the Florida guys -- Matthias invited Guds to go to Magic Mike with him and it's development camp, which has thus far mostly featured Rau giving gushy interviews about how much he doesn't want Bjugs to leave him for better weather and how Harvey ships it. Still, this summer is dreadfully dull without Huberdeau randomly moving in with someone else and spending the whole week pulling his pigtails. I guess only Rau is close to being short enough for him and Bjugs wouldn't be having any of that.

SPEAKING OF FLORIDA, that's where I am right now. My sister and I are hanging out tomorrow (with the kids!) and then Friday, I'm thinking about driving up for the last scrimmage of development camp, since I'm meeting a friend in Broward for lunch anyway. Saturday my cousin is coming down and I will relax, dammit, and possibly we will squeeze the beach in and then Sunday, I'll have to make an appearance at church before getting on the plane back to England. Oof. Crazy week, but 100% worth it for the look on my mom's face when I stood up at the restaurant.

And then Carlos Lee refused a trade to the Dodgers, but accepted one to the Marlins and somewhere in baseball fan heaven, my dad and my uncle high-fived.