candesco: keaton ellerby and jason garrison! :D (ellerby!)
Angela ([personal profile] candesco) wrote2012-06-29 08:53 am

i live a luongo-free life, jsyk.

The offseason/free agency is already stressful as hell. I hope you're all happy with your teams that aren't losing key pieces or about to make a really dumb trade. >:( Here are some of the videos that are making me happy when I need to stop thinking about Luongo coming "home" or Garrison leaving for the $6mil he's getting after that Wideman deal.
* Pumpkin carving with Ells and the Alien, which includes Ellerby saying, "if you're not cheating, you're not trying!" (his hero, Shane Doan, taught him that one) and "they don't have pumpkins on Mars."
* Matthias defending Ellerby's honor. Bonus: Matthias getting in a fight back in Rochester and then Ellerby smacking Matty's junk in celebration.
* Ask the Cats: What would you change your name to? Spoiler: Ellerby wants to be Shawn Matthias. Christ, and Carolina worries that maybe one day two JStaals could be confusing. Bonus: Versteeg would change his name to Lambert.
* This is the video where Ellerby gets asked to name all of his teammates by first name, looks really confused, and then starts with '...Keaton?' Starring Cabbie, Versteeg being Versteeg, and how the Belleville guys came up with "Danger" as a nickname for Matthias.
Other than that: the weather was nice yesterday for once, my hip's being a pain, I'm not sleeping nearly as much as I should be, my work is going okay but not great, and I'm more anxious about meeting up with a friend from middle school this weekend than I have been about meeting up with complete strangers ever. And that's life.

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