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Angela ([personal profile] candesco) wrote2012-06-26 08:13 pm

'versteeg is the most exciting florida goal-scorer since bure.' nah, booth was.

♥ Thanks for the comments about Charles, all. Like I said, I'm not half as fucked up about it as I was with Spot/Sinkcat or with Sassy, but it sucks to know he's not going to be there when I get home in September.

Thanks to Facebook, a guy I hung out with all the time when we were fourteen/fifteen recently got in touch with me. He's going to be in England soon and wants to meet up. Which is really cool, except we haven't seen each other since then so I have no idea how weird it will be. Luckily, Facebook also means I will have things I can ask him about and presumably he'll let me kill fifteen minutes explaining my dissertation, talking about the whole studying in England thing, and telling the story about how this is the only uni that accepted me, which is usually good for some bewildered laughs.

Best Bro left this morning and oh my god, the amount of time she spent while she was here fighting with her boyfriend, who is an idiot, as Twitter has seen. Protip, being a jealous weirdo because your girlfriend is doing a study abroad program and talks to the other people who are as well or wears heels when going out with her friends makes you look like an ass.

In hockey news, Florida was dumb and didn't draft a goalie (the system's down to Theo, Marky, Foster, one guy who didn't play anywhere last year, and an NCAA guy, since Clemmer rejected Dale's final offer). Every team was dumb and didn't draft Andrey Makarov! So now he's coming to development camp next week and my feelings about him went from 0 to 60 in like three minutes once I started poking his Twitter feed and saw about how excited he is about Florida and how he's not going back to Russia (shades of Kulikov, so way better than Dadonov, sorry Carolina) and how into Nail he is. So, fingers crossed, we get a shiny new goalie. Other things I love about Makarov: his propensity for tweeting articles about himself with just the link and sometimes the headline and no other context. Also, this tweet to Nail.

One of the like nine million pictures he's posted that's just labeled "Yakki."

His hair is so much better now.

All grown up and with the goalie coach!

This was the point where I lost my ability to cope with him.

He's going to seriously threaten Marky as the prettiest player in the system if he gets signed.

...speaking of Swedes.

That's his opinion of them, probably.